Her finger hovered over the keyboard Send and hesitated for a second before tapping the screen. She knew that her friend was with her boyfriend, so chances that she would get a reply were as slim as the models walking in the old Victoria Secret fashion shows. Loneliness was eating away at her mind for so long these past few days that it was a relief to send the text, but only a temporary one. Maybe this text would not feel as important as it felt to her if she had not dreamt, no had nightmares of her past relationships. Nightmares that only served as a reminder of past mistakes that could never be changed. Nightmares that only beat it into her that she could have had something but ended it. Whether it was for good reasons or bad, it didn't matter anymore because the demons still managed to gnaw at her soul years later.

Ding. Bzzt.

So many words wanted to flood out of my fingertips to my friend as soon as I heard my phone ring. The demons of loneliness backed away more than before. Many things, emotions raced through my mind as she thought of the first thing she wanted to tell her about. The first dream of where she was with her ex and they were about to sleep together? The second dream where she was sneaking around with someone she thought she would marry? Or the fact that for the past couple nights she had been waking up to the intense feeling of loneliness either before she woke for the day or at her regular wake up time. How the feeling was not leaving entirely throughout the day and managed to sneak in when she felt most vulnerable. Needling her with the thoughts of people leaving for no reason and reminding her that she was not particularly lovable in this stage of her life.

No matter. She first had to read her reply and then decide. Her hand quickly grasped the screen and it lit up by the movement she caused. Feeling so light and airy, she looked down at the screen to read, You got mail.