I spent too much time

Trying to focus on our friendships

I neglected the ones I really cares about

Even to the point I thought it was best to let

one go.

Luckily my true best friend

The one who actually has

Always been there

Made me actually feel better a bit.

You are the one I cared the most

On what you think of my choices

My lifestyle

Not him that much at all

It pains me when felt like I chose you

Over him for best friendship

When we never really were

Cuz our friendship was never close.

We talked every day

We hung out at lot

But honestly

Friendship should have ended

A long time go.

Appreciation was hardly there

I feel like it was more

Just cuz we were both there

In sense for other

But was never right

Since there were too many issues

Between us

That it was just us the problem…

Not the problems we had with others

Our personality never

went well with each other

No balance

No compromise

No matter how hard

We may have tried.

A small part of me says sorry still

But most of me just has regret

Of not actually fully thinking for myself

Of not being myself really

Cuz I tried so hard to make friendship work

Since I felt bad in a way

But all I did was make myself

Get more hurt in the end

For choices I wish I could rewrite...

I don't have many words for you

You arent the one I want to speak with

Anymore in this life…

I wish you well as always

But I guess I do take friendships

Too seriously

That even I try

And make things worse

Even if I was being serious…

I'll be fine though

As each ending

Gave me a clearer mind

As time passed away from it

On who is true and what exactly happen

So I learn and keep burning brighter

Than I did before

Despite the sadness I may have

Since maybe one day

Somehow go away