You need a spell, a prayer and a stone to cage a god.

"I am tired" chants your mouth with practised ease

Old books are too vibrant to contain the essence of these words

You picked it up from stray comments and strangers

Wearing the mask of life

They beat the sentence into your fabric.

"Change" you breathe with reverence

Beg like a fish on land begs for water,

Unconsciously, even in its half sleep

Temples shake in reverberance as if they hear

The sound of om that seeps into every crevice of the universe.

"My body" you whisper, in quiet surprise

When the waves of Time come for that piece of earth

They can pockmark to beauty

Yet can leave the dumb rock wondering

Whether winds of change have graced its skin and soul.

This prison was a long a time coming

This fall was yours for the taking

Goddess, in chains of your own making.