My name is Celine Moon. I'm 16 years old and ugly. I have a flat body, brown hair and eyes, and wayyyyyy too many freckles. Although I think I could be funny sometimes my low self-esteem drags me down. Nothing special right? At least not until you bring up my academic performance. That's a bit above average. My parents want me to go to a college like Harvard or Yale. But that's not what I want to do.

I want to make music.

"Mmmmm... Five more minutes"


Nala bumped her head into my face again. I got up and pat her back.

"Thanks, Nala... Come on, up an at 'em!

I got up and took Nala downstairs.

"Goodmorning dear"

"Goodmorning mom, how late is it?"

"8 o'clock"

"Oh no! I'm gonna miss the bus!"

I shoved a piece of toast in my mouth, took my backpack and ran to the bus stop.

Luckily I didn't forget my headphones today. I put them on and started listening to my favourite song.

(music) "How you like that, that-that-that, that, that-that-that, that?"

I had to walk through the forest for the last bit. Suddenly I felt something under my shoe. I picked it up and saw it was a flute. It had the most beautiful carvings in it I had ever seen. I couldn't resist it so I started to play. It was a tune I heard my grandpa whistle sometimes.

I started to feel dizzy after I played so I decided to lay down against a tree and take a nap. Suddenly everything went black.

I woke up on the ground on a field that looked like a battleground. I was surrounded by fallen soldiers and killed people. I decided it's best to get out of there so I ran into the woods.

I kept running for over half an hour but couldn't find any signs of a camp or village. Even if I did, those could still be dangerous places. My legs were tired and I couldn't run any further so I sat down. I started humming a song.


Huh? Where did that beep come from?

"Entering: the music system"

Suddenly a little cat with wings appeared.

"Wh- Who are you?"

"My name is Juli, I will explain everything about the music system"

A holographic screen appeared before my eyes.

"This is the music system. Your goal in this world is to bring music to people"

'Bring music to people?'

"Every time you perform a piece of music you will be rated on performance, amount of listeners and their reactions. Based on how high you scored you will receive points which you can then spend in the shop to buy instruments, sheets, skills or other items you could need to survive here."

"What do you mean 'survive here'"?

"I thought you had already noticed this is the Qing dynasty"

"Wait, no... This can't be."

"Miss Mo just look at your clothes"

I looked down and saw a beautiful kimono. I had to say, it was a fine piece of art. But then I noticed something else... I had boobs? I asked the cat for a mirror and he got one out of nowhere. I looked at myself but who I saw couldn't possibly be me.

She- no, I had long pink hair and light blue eyes that really stood out. My body wasn't wrong either.

"Miss Mo, if you want to get out of this forest walk to your right and follow the river. You will end up in the capital."

"Thank you, Juli. Wait - Miss Mo?"

"That is your new identity miss"

"Then what is my first name?"

"Xi Lin"

"Oh, so it's Celine but in Chinese. I could work with that"

"If everything is alright I will take my leave now"

Juli disappeared and I was alone again. I started to walk the direction she told me.

Another hour or so later I arrived at the capital. This city wasn't called the capital for nothing. The capital was stunning. It was lively streets, beautiful cherry blossom trees and lots of shops and restaurants. I was walking in the middle of the streets, captivated by the capital's beauty until suddenly a carriage rushed by and almost hit me.

"Ouvre les yeux!"

I quickly covered my mouth. I forgot no one knew French yet. As for the reason why I spoke French: the multilingual road rage from my mom.
I noticed that the carriage that rushed by stopped and someone got out. It was a man. As he came closer I realized just how handsome he was. He had long black hair and looked rich but I wasn't so easily intimidated.

"Excuse me, miss?"

"Well speak of la diablo"

"What language did you speak just now?"

"Just now Spanish and before that French, why?"


"Look, please just leave me alone. I'm tired, hungry and I don't have time to chit-chat with you right now"

He looked a little confused but sadly my plan didn't work and he started asking more questions

7 minutes later

"Alright then, I won't keep you long. Just know my name is-"

"I don't need to know what your name is and I don't want to know"

I turned around and left.

It was getting a bit bored from sightseeing so I decided to perform.

"Hey Juli?"

"Yes miss?"

"What Instruments do I own?"

"Currently only the flute miss"

"Okay thanks. You can go now"

So I only have the flute. I went through all the songs I knew and searched for something the people could put some money in. I went to the square and found a spot.

I started singing:

"There's a calm surrender

To the rush of day

When the heat of a rolling wave

Can be turned away

An enchanted moment

And it sees me through

It's enough for this restless warrior

Just to be with you

And can you feel the love tonight?

It is where we are

It's enough for this wide-eyed wanderer

That we've got this far

And can you feel the love tonight?

How it's laid to rest?

It's enough to make kings and vagabonds

Believe the very best"

The song had ended and I hadn't even noticed the crowd standing around me clapping. I looked at my money basket and saw it was full. Satisfied I bowed and left.


"Performance: 10, listeners: 35, reactions: extremely positive"

That kind of makes sense since I have been singing that song all my life. It was my dads favourite.

"Added 700 points"

O my God, 700!?

"Take me to the shop"

The screen opened and I saw hundreds of instruments, skills and other items. I decided to go for some martial arts, self-defence and something called "Music is in the air". I opened it and read the description:

Example: when you sing a song without any instruments or that hat electric music the music plays out of nowhere but without being suspicious. It gives a sort of aura to your songs.
WOW... I could really use that. It also explains why it' was so expensive, my seven hundred coins (づω)づ

In the life of our ml:

At the beginning of this story the ml (male lead) won't show up much so I will include this part where we see things through the eyes of our ml)

In a restaurant with a view on the square:


It's so boring here. I looked at the square and saw a group of people standing around someone.

"Hey boy!"

"Yes your highness"

"What's going on down there?"

"It seems like someone is going to perform, your highness."


Suddenly I hear a song. It was different from all the songs I had ever heard. And that voice...

It's the lady that shouted at my carriage in another language!


A figure appeared out of nothing

"Yes your highness"

"Get me all the information on that girl"

"Yes your highness"

Songs I used:

- How you like that: BLACKPINK

- Can you feel the love tonight: Elton John