All the children in the class watched and laughed as Brody tripped Kevin. Brody was a tall, heavy boy. He always had nice clothes and shoes. He was also good at sports. Football was his favorite. The other boys liked that he was too strong and heavy to tackle, so they fought desperately to have him on their team. Whoever's team he played for always won. All they had to do was give him the ball and watch him score. He had become the most popular boy in the sixth grade because of that. His ability to make the other children laugh also helped with his status. The only problem was that his humor was always at the expense of someone else.

Kevin wasn't anything like Brody. He was tall and skinny. He only wore hand me downs and they weren't always in good condition. Kevin never interacted with the other children for that reason. He didn't fit in with any specific clique and that made him a target. No one wanted to be friends with the target.

Brody tripped Kevin as he was walking to the front of the class to answer a question the teacher had written on the board. Kevin fell hard and the class erupted in laughter. Brody pulled his leg back under his desk and pretended not to even notice. Kevin jumped back to his feet and glared at Brody. This wasn't the first time Brody had tripped him, but he was determined that it would be the last. He normally would've walked away but not today. He was tired of being clowned in front of everyone. He was tired of them watching and not helping. If they wanted to laugh, he would make them laugh.

The teacher and Brody stood up at the same time. Kevin looked at Mr. Johnson as he approached him and said, "go home." Mr. Johnson turned away from the two boys and walked out of the classroom. The children in the class didn't care that he left. They just wanted to watch Kevin get brutalized by Brody.

"You gonna hit me now that he's gone" Brody said and shoved Kevin.

"No, you're gonna hit yourself" Kevin said staring up at Brody.

Brody raised his fist to punch Kevin but instead he punched himself in the stomach as hard as he could. He stared at his hand in horror as he realized he didn't have control over it any longer.

"Don't stop" Kevin said just before Brody began repeatedly punching himself in the face.

Kevin watched with the rest of the class as Brody beat his own face into a swollen, bloody mess. The only sounds that could be heard were the sounds of Brody hitting himself and his crying as he did it. Finally, Kevin broke into a loud, manic laugh that shocked the rest of the class.

"This is funny! Laugh all of you" He ordered. Kevin watched tears roll down the children's faces as they laughed uncontrollably