I'm afraid they'll torture me,

at any, given time,

gold of hearts, golden ears

shame on you now end mi dear

the masked men are always here,

"we've weapons and we have our gear."


I'm scared to sleep for waking up,

often interlaces and blurs

so night and day become both cursed

it's a real dream that just gets worse

and their speech to me is inversed

don't the needles really hurt?


Where's your face even, do tell

from everything's faces your own

use your tongue or pointy horns

for my mind is gone all wrong,

I can't see you but you sound

like you've been killed then reborn.


"see you you, if nothing else?

you're the everything, the life

you're the books, and the words

all the worlds and all the stars,

would you mind, stepping up

so we can see how you shine?"