Chapter 7

Uncle Joe told a few confusing meandering stories and Cam politely listened. Judee made lunch which they ate on the porch and then Joe wanted to go take a nap.

Cam cleaned up the lunch dishes in the kitchen while 'the girl' helped Joe lay down on his bed. She was still in her robe when she returned to the kitchen.

"Why did you come back here?" Cam asked.

"I got laid off," she shrugged.

"Yeah, but you didn't have to come here," Cam said as they stood next to each other at the sink finishing the dishes.

"The home health aide company was stretched because of all the pandemic stuff going on," Judee explained. "I figured Joe should have family around in know."

"Yeah, I know," Cam said with understanding. "One of our salesmen's grandfather died in the nursing home because of it."

"Turns out I was more lonely than Joe," Judee confessed as she wiped the last of the dishes and put the plate away in the cupboard.

"I'm lonely too," Cam let her know.

"I don't know what my mother was thinking," Judee said, sounding embarrassed as she left the kitchen.

"I guess she was thinking of the lake," Cam offered as he followed her into the other room.

Judee was standing with her rear resting against the back of the sofa as she faced Cam. He stepped closer to her and placed his hand on the tie of her bathrobe.

"Be careful," she warned. "I don't have anything on underneath."

Cam assumed she was joking as he tugged on the tie that easily loosened and sure enough the robe opened to reveal what was hidden.

Judee smirked when she saw the look on his face. "I told you," she said.

Cam lifted his hands to her shoulders and pushed the robe off. It felt onto the sofa behind her.

"I'm sober," she reminded him as she leaned in and kissed him.

Cam returned the kiss with enough passion and energy that she fell back in slow motion over the back of the couch and he went with her with a laugh.

Afterward, Judee laid sprawled across Cam on the couch, neither embarrassed - only satisfied.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"I'm happy to have rediscovered something coming together like this," Cam told her.

"My mother must have known there was always a spark," Judee theorized.

"Mothers always know," Cam agreed.

"So, our morbid stories are over?" She asked hopefully, looking into his eyes as she rested her chin on his chest.

"I live in my sister's basement," Cam revealed.

"Wouldn't you rather live here?" Judee asked.

"No more cabin fever?" Cam asked.

"Not with you here," she said.

"We can tag team Joe," Cam offered.

"My King Cam," Judee said with appreciation as she rested her head against his chest and he rubbed her naked skin with his hands.

"My Jude," he said happily.