I opened my eyes slowly to see the same creature standing over me as always. At once, I recognised where I was. 'Another one of these dreams?' I pondered the implications of this happening a fourth time. Then the creature stretched out its hand, long claws curling inwards. I gazed at it in wonder, it was beautiful! Long antler like horns sat upon its head, upon a crop of silver white fur. My eyes travelled downwards, locking briefly on its leathery silver wings which beat in rhythm with my heart. Its feet had similar claws to its hands, except some were slightly flatter, I decided to take its hand this time, my curiosity piqued. Suddenly a rush of images filled my mind and I stumbled backwards, panting heavily. I saw a once beautiful world in ruins, flames streaking across the once vibrant green forests. A strange metal creature appeared, a twisted mechanical version of the enchanting one in front of me. Murder was in its eyes as it stalked its prey. "It's hunting us," I felt the words echo through my mind. "We need your help, we can't do this alone." It pleaded, exhaustion and desperation in the words. "What... are you?" I asked, slowly, still coming to terms with what had just occured. "We are the In'vara, our empire once spanned the galaxy. Now we are reduced to running and hiding on our own worlds. My name is Silverwind and I am the last leader of my people." It paused, waiting for this to sink in, then continued.

"There is no longer enough of my kind to sustain a species, nonetheless, as a dying people our one wish is revenge for those who hunted us. We shall destroy them, but we require allies that we sorely lack. Humanity is our last hope, President Jameson. Save my people, or suffer the same fate. " The dream faded to black and I blinked slowly as I awoke. I slammed my hand on the comm unit and barked out an order. "This is President Jameson, the In'vara have finally requested our every warship and transport we can spare to their front lines. Let's kick some Mangorian asses!"

Captain Embera growled under her breath as she was pulled from the Angormis front line to be redeployed at the In'varan's major colony. She slammed her hand into the desk. She'd left a lot of good people on that planet, including her lieutenant. They were all fucking dead now because everyone was being redeployed. She almost resisted the order, but one ship alone couldn't save them all. She beat the desk until her fists bled and she howled with rage. The viewscreen flickered to life with her admiral's eyes focused on her. The hardness in them softened as he saw the rage in her eyes. He'd been at Angormis too. He'd seen the destruction. Her head snapped up and she snarled at him, "WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU REFUSE THE ORDER! OUR MEN ARE BEING DECIMATED NOW FOR SOME PATHETIC DEAD RACE ALL BECAUSE OUR PRESIDENT HAD A FUCKING DREAM OF A HOT ALIEN BITCH!" The admiral glared at her and she quieted, "Cersei, you are speaking to a superior officer, watch your tone and language. We pulled out because the In'vara have advanced technology that could prevent an atrocity such as this happening again." She growled lowly, "We could have stopped it NOW admiral, with all due respect." The admiral sighed, resting his face in his hands, "I know you lost good people down there Captain. " "Damn straight I lost good people, I sent my lieutenant down to defend them and now he's dead. Dead because of our high and mighty president sending us on a fool's mission." The captain said, with pure hatred. The admiral sighed, trying to calm her. "Look Cersei, if it were up to me, I'd have kept us at Angormis, but our forces aren't strong enough for a coup. We'd be decimated and you know it. We need to bide our time, turn people against the president and the In'vara and protect Earth." "Damn straight admiral, Earth first! We need to protect our own people ahead of a dying race who's enemy has no quarrel with us."The admiral nodded proudly at his protege, "We'll avenge them captain, don't worry. Earth will rise from their ashes, like a lion rising from the corpse of a phoenix."

Her face wrested in her hands as the viewscreen faded to black, the decking throbbing under her with all the power of the mighty engine. She stalked to the bridge, her anger evident. "Commander Manrial, what's our ETA?" The commander glanced at her, his head feathers shivering in response to the anger in her voice, "We are 5 light seconds out from Alri'aan" "Good, we can go kick Mangorian ass and then go bury our dead on Earth." She stated firmly, glaring at those whispering beside her. "What? You think we can't do it? Come on, you've worked with me for how long. I've brought you through Void Kyuril, Anril and Angormi. We can beat a bunch of oversized machines." The soldiers beside her nodded, reassured. She flicked on the comms. "Listen up people, we'll be arriving at the In'varan colony of Alri'aan. I know you're angry about what happened on Angormis, but we couldn't have taken them alone. Our movement does not have enjoy strength to counter our crazy fucking President yet, so we must listen to him for now. I've brought you through damn Void Kyuril, I'm sure we can take down a group of oversized, glorified toasters." A snicker ran out across the deck. "Come on! Who's like us?!" She yelled, instantly recieving a response echoing through the ship. "DAMN FEW! AND THEY'RE ALL DEAD" "NOW LET'S GO KICK SOME ASS! HOO-RA!" The captain took her place standing next to the navigator as her commander's feathered crest flared out, ready for war. "Captain Embera, may we speak for a moment?" Cersei regarded him for a moment, then pulled him to the side, "What is it Kyrion? Is this about what happened planetside?" Kyrion nodded, "I should have been there, not the lieutenant. I know how you felt about him, I am truly sorry." His crest folded inwards out of shame. "Commander that was my call, not yours. You were needed here. Besides the lieutenant is in a better place now free from war. You're coming planetside with me this time, don't worry Kyrion." The commander dipped his head deeply in thanks and turned back to the main viewscreen.

It flickered slowly to life as two huge dreadnoughts came alongside them, firing across the bow of the Lumeria at each other. Navigator Lia'th dropped the ship under the In'vara dreadnought and fired a huge missile at the Mangorian ship, obliterating it with the help of the In'varans. The comms crackled at them as an unfamiliar lilting language sang at them. "Thank you for your assistance Lumeria, things were getting bad out there." The captain smiled, she had always loved their language. "You're welcome, do you know where Captain Sylfriemor is? We were set to rendevous with him." A different voice sang out over the comms, "This is Captain Sylfriemor, requesting to come aboard Captain." Cersei grinned, "It would be our pleasure to have you Captain, I shall meet you at the docking bay." Navigator Lia'th flicked the comms off. As a dual navigator and linguist she would be joining herself, the commander and the security chief at the docking bay.