"I uh, I don't think that's such a good idea Sadiq" Private Jenkins said cautiously. Both he and Specialist Queens had seen how had reacted when he found Lieutenant Sigma's limp body on the ground. Had the captain not been there..."I have to try, it's my fault she's in medbay!" Jenkins sighed heavily. "Look, we've all heard the stories of how both genders of In'Vara get when their bondmate or someone equally close is in danger or harmed. I really don't think that's a good idea Sadiq, especially since he nearly killed you last time." His friend slammed his hand down on the bulkhead next to him, scaring poor specialist Queens out of her feathers. Some loose ones dropped on the ground and Jenkins resisted the urge to pick them up. "I'm going. Like it or not I have to do this Mike." And with that, he stormed out of the room with a purpose.

"Come on, we'd better follow him." Jenkins pulled Queens after him, with the specialist squaking her disapproval. They reached the medbay just in time to see Sadiq approaching . "Mister Vengeance, sir! Wait!" Sadiq called after him and the In'Vara whirled on his heel glaring intensely at the Private. Jenkins felt Queens tug harshly on his hand, trying to get out of the future conflict zone. "What do you want, human." He spat out the words, looking ready to kill. "I wanted to apologise fo-" "You don't get to apologise. Besides, it's her you should be apologising to, not me." Mr. Vengeance looked the private up and down with disdain. Sadiq seemed to be slowly losing his cool. "I understand that sir but," Just then, Mr. Vengeance slammed the private into the wall, "I do not need nor want your apologies. In fact, for your actions, my people would have spaced your pathetic little body. Be thankful that I am certain she would want me to spare your life." And with that he dropped Sadiq and turned to leave. But, angered by the In'Vara's disdain, Sadiq let out an angry retort, "Who are you to come onto our ship, and treat us like crap huh?! You're a nobody that's who." Sadiq blustered and Jenkins sighed, slapping a hand to his skull and closing his eyes tightly.

The In'Vara let out a snarl and turned, pinning the private to the floor, claws against his throat as he gripped his throat tightly. 's wings flared out menacingly as he brought his face close to Sadiq's. "You know, human meat is quite popular in some circles among my people..." "STOP IT!" Jenkins looked at Queens, clearly startled by her outburst. "All he wanted to do was apologise! There's no need to fight. Sure he was an ass just now and an idiot back on the planet but does he really deserve to die?" paused, before getting up off the private and turning away, "If I see you around me again, I will kill you human. That is a promise." And with that, he left leaving Private Raja coughing and scrambling for air. Jenkins walked over and offered a hand to his friend, but Sadiq slapped it away. And in turn, when he met Queens' gaze, Sadiq earned a hard, vicious slap across the face. "Are you trying to get yourself killed?!" Sadiq rubbed his face and looked at her in shock.

"We've already lost the Commander, we don't need to lose more friends on this mission." She said sadly and Jenkins reached out an arm to comfort her, which she gladly took. She had known the Commander the longest, being from one of two species on their homeworld they bonded quickly. And she signed up because of him. They were good friends and some wondered if they were going to become a couple. But there was no chance of that now. "I'm sorry Kyrialiamri" Sadiq said, using her full name as a show of sincerity. "Just, don't do it again okay?" Queens said, her sweetness knowing no bounds. Jenkins looked at her with a smile, if he were straight he would find her irresistable. But alas, he was into his overly straight friend. He looked at Sadiq who turned to leave and followed him, "You gonna be okay?" "Yea, I'll be fine, don't worry about me."

But Jenkins did worry. Especially after that incident with the In'Vara, he wondered if something was up. Usually with something like that Sadiq would drop it. But there was something different about this, something that meant he felt he had to prove himself. Was it because of the In'Vara? No...he thought they were haughty but that wouldn't trigger a suicidal outburst like that. Then what? Ahhhh he was going to drive himself crazy if he thought about it more, best just to drop it. And so he returned to the bridge with Queens, sitting comfortably at the navigation terminal. Lia'th needed a break from driving the ship every now and again, as it gave her migraines sometimes. Jenkins almost felt the same some days, but it wasn't serious enough to warrant a break. He shifted, settling in and focusing on the great expanse of stars.