Captain Embera stood at the cargo bay doors. Despite her hatred of her president and his actions, she still admired the In'Varans as a people. She had loved their ships since she was a young child and there were collectors sets of all the galaxy's ships. She sighed softly, longing for simpler times. The cargo bay doors whooshed open and out came the captain with his second in command. "Captain Embera, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." The In'Vara dipped his head low as a gesture of respect, their heads having a weak spot off on the left side. "Likewise, Captain Sylfiemor. These Mangorians are tough bastards and you need all the help you can get." She dipped her head back to him, long and low. Longer than he had to her, to signify that she thought that she was no higher than he. He regarded her with a soft smile. "I see you know our customs Captain, I'm impressed. Not many of the younger races bother to learn. Those that do, have become honorary In'Varans." The Captain smiled steadily at him. "It is only right that I learn your culture and language to communicate with you, since you must do the same." Capatain Sylfiemor, regarded her with pleased surprise. "One does not often find that attitude among primitives, particularly not soldiers. You are an interesting one Captain Embera. We shall watch your star through the war. May you find the peace that you are seeking through this." He gently touched her forehead, channelling peaceful emotions to her.

His Commander coughed and whispered something to him in In'Varan. "Ah yes, Captain I believe this shuttle and these people are yours? We found them fleeing a fight on Angormis." Cersei's heart thudded in her chest as her face lit up with hope and strode past the In'Varans, leaving her commander to speak with them while she searched for her dearest Lieutenant. She scanned the faces of each soldier, beaming at them with delight and clapping them on the backs. "H-hey Capta-ain." Came the weak voice of her best friend. "Lieutenant Sigma! You made it out alive!" The Captain hugged her tightly, but gently, having noted her wounds. "Can one of you bring her to med-bay?" She asked the most uninjured soldier who nodded and carried her to med-bay on his back. The rest of her troops and friends filed to med-bay as well and she turned to the In'Varans. Her respect for them deepened immensely in that moment, they could have ignored the ship or shot it down. Instead they saved them from certain doom. She bowed her head long and low to the Captain as a sign of respect and gratitude before she spoke, "Thank you Captain Sylfiemor, our race will remember this day. I shall remember this day. You saved my people and I thank you for that. They were surely doomed had you not saved them." The Captain nodded, before getting back to business. "Your technology and tactics will need a large overhaul, report to the spaceport on our side of the border. In the meantime I had best return to the fight. Goodbye Captain and good luck." He and his Commander boarded the shuttle and waited for the cargo bay doors to close again behind their allies. They then returned to their graceful skydancer ship.

As soon as Cersei stepped up onto the Bridge there was a security alert from the cargo bay. An intruder alert. She sprang to action, notifiying her security chief to meet her there and leaving the bridge to her Commander. She bolted into the room, pistol in hand, only to find Sigma and an In'Vara. They were deep in debate when she walked in, and she glared at the In'Varan stowaway. "You shouldn't be here" She growled at the In'varan, her eyes cold and harsh. "Ah, good, I can die an honorable death by your hand." The In'Varan said, relief in his voice. Cersei lowered her weapon. "Why do you wish to die, your worlds are burning. Do you not want to save them? That is a coward's death." The In'Varan snarled at her, sharp teeth bared. "I am no coward, human. I have seen countless worlds burn since before you were born. We are losing to the Mangorians. Our creation, our destruction." The Captain eyed him, his despairing form with Sigma next to him, talking in In'Varan to try to calm him. It seemed to work somewhat, he relaxed against her touch as she cooed soft words at him. He closed his eyes before looking at the Commander, "We are a dead people Captain. Why do you fight for us? It is a losing battle." Cersei looked at him harshly, "The fight isn't over 'til it's over. Besides, do you not want revenge. Even if you are a dying race, shouldn't you bring your murders down with you?" The In'Varan sighed, before standing and walking to her. He held out his hand. "From this day forth, I shall been known as Vengeance. Lor'van. My sole purpose is to wipe the Mangorians out. I shall swear myself to your command and you may direct me where you must." The Captain accepted his hand, "Good to have you aboard Lor'van. Now, let's go kick some Mangorian ass."

Sigma sighed as the Captain left the room, turning to the friend she had made during her brief stay on the In'Varan dreadnought. "L- Vengeance, what was that all about? I thought you wanted to fight the Mangorians, not die senselessly." A deep sadness filled her voice and the In'Varan winced at her pained reaction. "I am sorry I had to deceive you Lieutenant. But would you have taken me if I had told you my true intent?" His eyes studied hers closely, smiling as she blushed due to the intensity of his gaze. She sighed, "No, I suppose not, but still you should've told me." He walked over and laid a hand on her cheek, looking into her eyes. She couldn't read his expression but felt his sorrow and gentle warmth fill her. She laid her head against his hand and he let out a low rumbling purr. A content smile spread across Sigma's face and she took his hand into her own, radiating warmth and happiness. He smiled at her and took her hand as they walked towards the bridge, needing the feeling of closeness with another. Her emotions were easy for him to sense, so he enjoyed holding her hand. Especially since she was almost always happy. It calmed the raging fury and pain in his soul.

Sigma pauses for a moment once they got in the elevator. "So tell me, back there. Why pledge your life to the Captain like that?" Vengeance shrugged, "She fights the Mangorians with true purpose, that is all that is required." Sigma turned to him, "This thing you have against them seems personal Vengeance. Did you lose someone?" Vengeance paused for a long moment, before turning his full attention on her, "I lost my mate in an attack on the colonies, and the last thing I said to her was that I hated her and never wanted to see her again." He laughed bitterly, "I suppose I got my wish." Sigma reached out and gently touched his arm, "Vengeance I'm so sorry, I lost my mate too because of a medical condition. I know how it feels. Sort of..." Vengeance regarded her for a long moment and then finally pulled away, stalking onto the bridge with renewed purpose. You sat in your usual chair to the right at a comms console, awaiting new orders.