The Chimerical Wallflowers

Chapter 1: The Amaryllis Clan

In a land quite different than our world, there's a kingdom known as Lilia. Magic flows through everything in this world, but especially to those mages who practice Creationism. In this magical ritual, young boys and girls, when they come of age, use their Mana energy to Create another human being in the image of their ideal best friend. This being is known as a Chimera. This has been the tradition for centuries. However, in a Village named Amaryllis, named after the odd, almost misfit flowers that bloom around it, a day will come when something taboo will occur. Something that was foretold in ancient writings, and that will set the whole kingdom on a course to despair.

But that day is tomorrow. Today is a regular typical day. A shopkeep tidies up his wares for the day, a couple of kids play in the streets of the small village, and birdzards chirp and fly overhead, breathing fire as they do. It's a normal day in Amaryllis...

Or is it?

"Hey! You cant get away from me, Tyrol, dammit! I want that amulet!" A voice cries out from the rooftops, as a dark haired figure dashes by with an amulet in their grasp, using their portal magic to jump from place to place. The figure smiles, knowing the other three won't be able to catch him so easily.

"You'll have to catch me first, you two. Although I have more faith in big ol Byron than you, skinny Signoli." Tyrol said, jumping into another portal. Signoli and Byron appear, and jump in unison towards where they last saw Tyrol. They both collide into the wall, falling backwards with exclamations of pain.

"Owwww what the hell bro?" Signoli said, scratching his also dark haired head. His brother Tyrol was always showing off his magical ability.

"What, you disagree?" Byron said, recovering quickly due to his large size. He used his earth magic to create a launch pad that sent him flying back up to the rooftops to continue the chase.

Signoli grunted something about hating his life as he used his Mist magic to heal his wounds before skillfully jumping on top of some boxes nearby to get himself back into the action.

However, they found that Tyrol was long gone by this point, and he smirked knowing the two of them wouldn't ever catch him. He made it almost to the outskirts of the village, to the finish line... But...

As he tried to jump into one of his portals, a white light shone from above him.

"I see you've decided to show yourself." Tyrol said, as the light created a barrier on the portal, stopping him from going through. He jumped to the side as a spear made from the same light came hurdling towards him.

"Just because you're the best magic user in the class doesn't mean you can beat me every time, Arcturus." Tyrol said, creating a portal at his feet, and disappearing into it.

The blond haired boy who created the light weapons, Arcrturus, smiled from his perch on a chimney nearby. He whispered under his breath,

"If I don't keep training and surpassing everyone, I won't be able to impress them. My Chimera! And I need to impress them!"

He thought back to a memory he had of his mother and father, his father yelling and commenting about how his mother, in comparison to her Chimera, was worthless. The Chimera woman had smirked, as she had already slept with Arcturus's father, without his mother knowing. His father then left with his mother's creation and she never saw either of them again. He didn't want that to happen again. He wanted his mother, and his Chimera to smile.

With that thought in mind, he reached under his shoes and created several small light boosters on the soles. He then quieted his mind and waited to hear Tyrol's next movement. He heard the portal being created roughly ten degrees to the east, and skyrocketed himself in that direction, catching the boy by surprise and knocking the amulet from his hand. Arcturus grabbed it and landed on his feet. A kid nearby cheered.

"Gotcha!" Arcturus said in a giggle. "And I'm not the best in the class you marooooon." He said, poking Tyrol, who had landed somewhat painfully on the ground, in the forehead.

"Maybe out of the five of us I am." He said, suddenly deeper in thought. Tyrol, although defeated couldn't help but smile. Byron and Signoli eventually caught up and groaned.

"Did you win again, Arcturus? What is that, five times this week?" Signoli said, groaning. Byron strode up to the boy and laughed heartily, putting his arm around the boy.

"That's my boyfriend, best in the whole village!" He said loudly. The few people who were nearby turned to see the group of boys. Arcturus blushed, but shook his head.

"No, no I'm not the best. I think Nikki is way better than me." He said, happy that Byron was finally showing affection, but kind of upset that it seemed like he just liked the attention more than anything. Byron let go and scratched his bearded chin.

"Oh yeah where is she? I mean she usually stays out of our little game but she's at least usually nearby to smack me on the head when I say that anyone is better than her..." He said, not really worried but confused. Arcturus was worried, though. He hoped her home issues weren't getting in the way again...

*Meanwhile in Nikki's house

"Dammit, Michele, I don't know how many more times I can take you defending our daughter!"

"What do you mean defending her? I'm just being a good mother! You shouldn't be putting her through all of that!"

"I shouldn't be? Im preparing her for her future! I know what's best for my... Our daughter!"

"See, John, you can't even admit to yourself that she's our daughter. You'll always think of me as her step mother not her actual mother!" Nikki's mom cried out.

Nikki was curled up on her bed in her room, using her dark purple colored hair to cover her eyes, bracing herself for what was bound to happen next. A slapping sound was heard and her mother's cry. A slam of the front door finished the deal. She could tell from the arguement that this was it, her father was not coming back. She rushed out to the main room to find her mother sobbing on the ground. She reached out her hand, expecting a warm response, but her mother lashed out and slapped her hand away.

"See what good you are, girl? Your real mother couldn't stand you, your father left, and now... Now I don't know what to do..." Her stepmother began to sob and fell into Nikki's arms, crying.

"I'm sorry" she said. Nikki held her tears back and caressed her mother's head.

"I know, me too."

"Thank you for being strong for me..." Her mother said. Nikki knew, however that she was getting tired of being strong for people. She needed... Someone to be strong for her...

Dawn soon approached and the five friends all woke up and headed down to their meeting place, which was a large oak tree on the outskirts of the town.

"Morning, Nikki!" Arcturus greeted his best friend, who was already there. He had no idea that she had been waiting there since before the sun came up. She smiled warmly as she met his gaze. She always hoped he would find feelings for her romantically, but knew that it was impossible.

"Hey, Arcturus. I hope you're well this morning. I know I got a good night's sleep." She smiled, lying through her teeth.

Arcturus noticed, but before he could ask her anything another voice rang out.

"Hey you two, don't get any funny ideas." Byron scolded, jokingly but still kind of aggressively. Nikki turned her head towards the man, her hand reaching for her sword.

"Woah woah easy now, don't go trying that. You know you can't beat someone who actually has magic, right?"

Nikki stopped for a moment and grinded her teeth.

Arcturus shook his head and turned to Byron. "Hey asshole, be nice. She looks tired already, please don't give her a hard time about that again. I thought we talked about this."

Arcturus turned his attention back to the girl who already had a blank look on her face.

"Hey, are you..." He started to say.

She smiled slowly.

"You think anything he says is gonna mean anything to me? He's lucky that you love him." Nikki said. Arcturus cringed.

Byron laughed heartily. "Well here come the two lazy bums" he said, pointing at two figures approaching. The brothers, Signoli and Tyrol finally made it.

"Yeah whatever, Mom uh... Made breakfast all wrong so we had to make our own." Tyrol said, with a nervous laugh. Signoli quickly agreed.

"Yeah you should've seen it, it was quite disgusting. Tyrol's ended up more disgusting but still..." Signoli said.

"What was that? Dickwad!" Tyrol said, tackling the boy.

Nikki, Arcturus and Byron laughed at the two fighting on the ground. Arcturus took the chance to glance at Nikki and wonder what really happened last night. It was unlike Nikki to miss sleep, especially before a big day like today. Oh yeah!

"So guys" Arcturus said, bringing everyone back. "Tonight is the big ceremony, right? At sundown is when the Creation takes place, we Create our Chimeras, and then the top ranking person among the five of us is named Clan Leader. We all get to go out into the world and recruit people into our clan and eventually try to make it into the Royal Guard."

Arcturus said.

"Yeah yeah we know that already." Byron interrupted.

Arcturus cleared his throat.

"But... As I was saying... I figure we're gonna need some cash before hand, right? So how about we sneak into the Amaryllis Sanctum today and try to grab some treasure!" He said. The others gasped.

Amaryllis Sanctum was a holy place, where a battle between a great evil and the first ever leader of their village, Mother Superior, took place. No one was allowed in there except royalty.

"But Arcturus..." Nikki said, worriedly.

"I know, it sounds like an awful thing to do. But unlike the other villages who partake in this ceremony, ours doesn't give their Clan anything to help them survive in the world. Heck, the Vicaria Clan gets like a years worth of gold and supplies. We get Jack shit." Arcturus said, and the others nodded.

"No one expects our clan to do very well. I mean in about a month, there's that tournament held in Skyline City. Our clan has never won that." Signoli offered.

"Exactly. So we don't have too much time. Is everyone else in?" Arcturus said, putting his hand in.

"I suppose... One last stunt for us here in the village." Tyrol said, eager for a challenge.

"If he's doing it, I'm doing it." Signoli said, always the competitive type.

"For once you've got a great idea, bud. I'm in too." Byron said, putting his hand in.

Arcturus turned to Nikki. The others looked at her too.

"Listen, I know it's dangerous for you especially to go, with your family, so if you don't want to..." Arcturus said to the girl.

She thought for a moment, knowing her father would be furious. But she shook her head, remembering what happened last night.

"No, let's do it. I'm all in." She said, with a confident smile.

Arcturus was taken aback for a bit, but smiled and raised his hand in the air, the others following suit.

"Alright then. The first mission as a true clan, will be infiltrating Amaryllis Sanctum!"