To Kyo's surprise that Elenore lady wasn't just making her duke it out with the blond princess for kicks. Once the two were examined and properly bandaged Kyo had an official uniform and student ID from Elenore. Granted, her picture still had her in bandages and a black eye, but it was official, she was a student of Panda Academy's Chinese Martial Arts Course now and assigned to the Crimson dorms.

Apparently, there were several dorms and sororities at the academy, but the two most prominent ones were the Crimson and Sapphire dorms. The Sapphire dorm was where most of the honor students and rich girls stayed. You had to get top marks or have influence to get in, a sort of high-class dorm where all the rich girls connected. 'Something, something -honoring the traditions of originally being a school for rich princesses- something, something.' It all just sounded like the typical prep school stuff of keeping people out for dumb reasons. Or at least that was the basic idea Kyo got from an instructor's explanation of things.

The Crimson dorm on the other hand was where most of the delinquents and bad eggs were. It was basically a detention home of sorts if you caused too much trouble, but it also was the largest dorm in terms of size and rooms. Usually students in that dorm were runaways, delinquents, or were sent there as punishment for causing too many problems. 'Something, something -being a symbol of discipline, rehabilitation, and scaring the rich girls straight- something, something.' Same idea back home when her mom threatened the priestesses-in-training with a no-holds-barred spar against Kyo for misbehaving. Annoying, but hopefully the place wasn't as bad as she figured. Kyo was in the Crimson dorm namely due to her being a transfer student, but she couldn't help but think they were trying to shove her in with the undesirables.

The trip through the dorm told her enough about the place. The walls and floors were kind of rundown. Not filthy or in shambles, but this place definitely didn't get maintenance often. The place felt kind of used overall. Not old, but like something that was used a lot and just looked beat to hell.

And she was immediately met with stares and whispers the second she passed by people in the hall.

"She really does have gray skin." Kyo rolled her eyes at that one.

"I saw her fight with Rain. She's pretty ballsy for a kid." Not exactly a compliment, but she'd take it.

"I think she's a dark elf." Okay, that one got a glare from Kyo.

"Think we should fight her?"

"You wanna' try it?" Kyo shot back. The hall grew silent for a moment before Kyo continued to her dorm room. Nothing new there.

And the moment Kyo walked into what would be her new room she was met with more stares.

Two girls, both had orange hair and amber eyes, probably twins. One had their hair in a ponytail, the other had their hair down with a cloth mask around her face. Something else the kept them apart was their scars. The ponytail girl had a scar over her shut right eye, and the other one had a scar right above her nose where her mask was. The two stared wide-eyed with blank faces, as if an elephant walked into the room.

"You gonna' keep staring or what?"

Both girls blinked, as if shocked Kyo could speak.

"You're… gray," The ponytail one said.

Kyo rolled her eyes. "Yeah, and you've got one eye," She shot back. "Glad to see it at least works." The ponytail girl immediately frowned, glaring. The long haired one was quiet, saying nothing as she watched the two.

"Whatever…" Kyo shook her head, glancing around the room. It was a pretty basic dorm room. A bunkbed on each side with drawers next to each for clothes, and a closet at the end of the wall. As opposed to the halls, the room actually looked okay. And all the samurai and ninja stuff everywhere gave it a weirdly traditional feel. A sword rack with some wooden swords, shuriken on the dresser. It was like someone left a bunch of souvenirs everywhere.

"Where's the other one?" Kyo heard this dorm had three students, she'd be the fourth to fill it out.

The ponytail girl pointed to the closet. "In there."

"She's… in the closet." Kyo frowned, glaring at the two. Both shrugged. These girls had to be lying. Kyo walked over to the closet, opened the closet door and-

"… … …"

Holy shit. There was a girl sleeping in the closet. Darkish skin, black hair, wrapped in a purple kimono like a mini igloo. Kyo could make out little fangs poking from her mouth too.

"She's a vampire." The ponytail one said. "Her name is Teruko Hora."

That's a dumb name for a vampire.

"Okay…" Kyo shut the closet door, turning to the girls. "And you guys?"

"Shouldn't you introduce yourself first?" The ponytail girl asked.

"Shouldn't you answer the damn question?"

The ponytail girl frowned, sighing. "Haku. Haku Hanzuki."

The straight-haired girl was quiet, only staring at Kyo. "… … …"

Kyo scowled. "What? Am I that scary? Say something."

"… … …"

Kyo looked to Haku, raising an eye.

"She's Hana."

"Okay, can she say that?" Kyo looked over Hana, who looked away from Kyo, then back at Haku. Jeez… "Kyo-Annie Mushi."

"Long name…" Hana said in a mutter.

Kyo glanced over at Hana, seeing her immediately look away. "Then go with Kyo." She walked over to the bag and started unpacking. "So, with sleeping beauty in the closet where do I put my jackets and stuff?"

"She wakes up around 8PM, so you can put those away then."

"Alright," She started putting her things in an empty drawer. "… … …"

Not even two minutes and she could feel Haku's gaze on her.

"Y'know, it almost feels like you got two eyes with how much you're glaring at me." Kyo finished putting her things away and turned her head to Haku, seeing her narrowed glare and a lot closer to her now. Kyo didn't even hear her approach.

And now that Haku was up close and no long sitting on the bed Kyo noticed that she was a bit taller than her. Great… Kyo's frowned.

"Are all demons smart-mouth brats?"

"Only to people that ask stupid questi-"

It was more of a palm strike than a slap, but Kyo barely had time to react to it, staggering and using the dresser for leverage.

"Keep that up and you'll be eaten alive, demon." Haku spat out. "This dorm straightens out brats like you. If you live that long." She turned away, starting to walk out the door. "Oh, and one more thing." She glared at Kyo. "Talk about my eye again and I'll kill you."

With that she slammed the door and left.

Kyo rubbed her cheek, looking over at Hana. "So… anything to say?"

Hana was quiet, somewhat shaken too. Her face unreadable due to the mask, but from her eyes she looked pretty spooked by that. After a minute passed she finally said something.

"Haku… hates demons." Her voice was almost a whisper.

"No kidding..." Kyo searched her bag, pulling out her phone and flipping to her usual apps. A streaming service and some idle games. Tomorrow would be her first day of classes, might as well relax while she could. She had a feeling things were going to get even more annoying.