I watched the stew dripping out from the bowl. The woman who served it to me was feeling so proud of her beef stew. The people in the farm including her naive son praised her cooking. Large tables were set and numerous plates were placed. These people in dark brown robes doesn't make me feel comfy.

From what I heard from the boy, it is not an occasion. It is their supper.

Supper that looked like a party.

I even asked myself. How could these people be so happy and comfy in this dark wild woods?

Perhaps it is their nature.

I tried to brush it off and tried her stew. I took a wooden spoon and sipped it. Sauce is alright. A little spicy. But the meat was tender.

The taste.

It reminded me of my mission.

Before I stepped foot in that lovely community, I was known for slaying monsters. They called me Virgil the Sadist. I slaughter monsters as far as I can see. I made them suffer more before I deliver the killing blow. But of course, there will be a time my arms get tired of swinging my sword and it me precious time to swing it again.

It ruins the fun.

But then there was a hermit who came to town, calling himself The Maker. Despite him having six arms and concealing his face with an iron mask, he was without question the greatest armorer this world has ever seen.

The proud Maker noticed me and can tell I have been busy. He created a weapon just for me. He mixed it with some sort of magic. He called it Mjolnir because the way it sounds when used. He told me to aim it to a target and pull a small switch on the handle.

The weapon was so powerful that my hand flew back.

The maker told me everything about it and I'm happy to have this weapon.

From that day forward, I used Mjolnir to kill the monsters who dared hunt the innocents. Stories of my accomplishments was spread all over the land. Kings and leaders from other nations hired me to fix their monster problem.

Sadly, everything changed when War broke out and the monsters, who were civilized from the Far East, have become refugees and ventured to the West, seeking shelter. I was disappointed at this. The Law of Man has changed.

I can only wild monsters.

Knowing the law was approved by the seven kings, I must obey.

I was troubled of seeing civilized monster walking down the streets, wearing the clothes we humans wear. My finger started to itch as I see every lone of them in the streets. So, to calm myself, I left the kingdom and head to the countryside where there are no hideous creatures.

But I have received an urgent news from a small town called Howl. The mayor told me there was a monster stealing their livestock every midnight. Of course, I took the job and went to the last farm that was attacked. The farmer, still shaken of what he saw, described what he really saw.

He can only say is large mouths. There are large mouths that took his livestock and left.

I asked if anyone was harmed during that incident.

His dog, Pogo, was killed- trampled by those creatures. I saw the little grave at the corner of his property with a little tombstone and his name on it. They did not show mercy to this poor animal. So I decided not to show mercy to them either.

I promised the farmer I will find his livestock and make those monsters pay. The old man did not respond for he still relives that horrible incident.

I picked up a trail that leads to the woods. I followed it and reached into a rushing river. The monster must've made the biggest leap that I could imagine. But then, I saw a hooded figure emerging from the other side of the river.

It was just a boy exploring the dangerous woods.

I slowly pulled out my weapon, loaded it with lead. The boy the asked me what kind of a stick I carry. Young fool has never seen this weapon before. So I asked for his name. He said it was Fred.

The boy asked again what I'm doing.

I answered I was hunting a monster.

Surprisingly, the boy heard about it. I saw a monster passed by, he said. It was large and full of teeth. I didn't trust the boy until he showed me where it is. He saw its lair under a tumbled great tree, making its afternoon sleep. The creature was huge like the boy said and it has large teeth just like the boy said.

The monster itself looked like a giant wolf with claws and teeth looked abnormal than a regular wolf. I told the boy to stay put as I positioned myself to take the shot.

A lead to the head.

that is what I'm aiming for.

As I get close enough, I aimed my weapon at the beast's head and then-

-a rock fell behind me causing some noise. The boy slipped by accident. He did not apologize at first. Instead, he froze in fear as the creature woke up.

I turned and saw the large jaws of the creature thrusts towards my head. But the monster did not know, I have encountered these quick creatures. I evaded its initial attack and swings my weapon to the moving creature.


I fired the first shot. The monster was hit on the back.


I shot it again but this time on its kneecaps.

The boy cheered for me which unwittingly notified the creature of his appearance. It diverted its target to the boy and so started running to the boy.

I quickly aimed my weapon and make sure I got its head. Once I got it on my iron sight, I pulled the trigger.


The monster's head blew off before it reached the creature fell and tumbled back to its killer: me.

The boy was happy that I took down the monster. In a way to celebrate, he took me to his home to a farm where everyone heard the sound of my weapon.

The boy approached them and told everyone about my deed. They rejoiced for my kill. Some of them- or probably all of them gave me a handshake or a hug. The boy's mother told me that the creature was terrorizing their community since they got here. It ate her husband and her grandfather. It ate many people in this town.

When the news of its death came, they were so happy.

Now back to the start where I was enjoying the beef stew. It then comes to my mind, reminding me of my task. But then something surprisingly unusual happened.

I saw the boy, who I knew and saved, removed his hood and revealed his second mouth. Larger than I've ever seen. The boy was not the only one.

The entire community have the large mouth at the back of their heads. They removed their hoods and began to eat the chopped bones in their stew. I can hear the bones crushed by their massive teeth. I saw them eat everything until nothing left except the wooden bowl.

I tried to reach for my weapon but the boy's mother approached me, wondering if I was full.

I did not answer.

I kept looking at my weapon gripped firmly by my hand.

"I'm sorry." I said.