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As i looked back i cud see my brother fallowing me " why did you have to drop the crystal " i yelled

" what do you mean me i never touched it "

my brother was upset i cud tell because his orange face was a little bit more red . all though he was never mad he did get upset meaning you always did something wrong

" never touched it . . but i tossed it to you did i not get your attention " i was trying to at lest take the blame off me

" o sorry brother we should start flying faster then " he tryed to grab on to my back

" what are you doing am not carrying you am about to dragon some dragonets around " i sighed he loves riding on my back

I cud not belive it i was going to have dragonets of my own

" watch out " i look forword to see a rock hit me . . . .

A book by SnapDragon . . . edited by : ( umm loading )

Chapter one The Cracking of The Egg


Pushing but not moving

' CRACK ' cracking filled this place

Light looking around to see colors in small piles .

In front of two colors lay and darkness .

I woke up . . woke up , what dos that mean . i open my eyes to see a red dragon in front of me " now you shall speak " he said looking at me . i sat there not nowing what to say ,he looked at me " i have passed on some of my kownings on to you and your hatching mates " i thought mate , the other dragons i hatched with . " now go back to sleep " he said and pointed to the other three , threee a number , the other three dragonets , young dragons , i was sleeping with .

"Ok elder " i said and bowed , what ?, " why did i bow elder and why is there a voice in my head " i said as i went back to sitting my legs hurt i cud not stand . " the voice will help you learn and will go away soon now sleep . . . and you bowed becuz am your elder az i am to all the others " he said and slid me back in to the little pit of sleeping dragonets . i closed my eyes and started to dream .

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