Ever My Direst

Written for Twelve Shots of Summer 2020: Seventh Soul - Week 4...

The wind is howling,
The sky is black,
Light strikes across the Earth,
All we know is the sun we lack,
The stars are not above,
Dusk has not arrived,
The clouds have amassed,
Oh don't say this is contrived,
This is not what we desire,
For time yawns so long,
I see the maw of the endless expanse,
I don't think there's anything wrong,

Currents are born as they drain along,
What was cried has gone to disappear,
As foggy as my vision has become,
It is clear when I have no fear,
Flashes will echo in the rumbling song,
Yet I stand bathed underneath its cool blanket,
A miraculous beat of silence comes to me,
I just don't understand why you don't like it,
I dance and dance, twirl and whirl,
I'm soaked, I'm wet, but I have no fret,
I've become a tipsy top spilling droplets more,
And I'm not even ready to stop yet!

Don't call for me, don't scream for me,
I might as well climb that tree,
Each branch I grasp brings me higher,
I have never felt so free!
I don't want this to go away,
This has to go on forever!
If you don't understand, that's okay,
There is no such thing as never!
I'm taller and reaching the sky faster,
Far from you, far from home,
I haven't achieved as much as I could,
So won't you leave me alone?

I feel everything come to me,
A delightful parcel of stimulus to trim the dim,
I'm in my element as you can see,
Oh how much do I love this whim…
I hear them louder, louder, louder!
I'm closer and I know I can get farther!
Tips of the crown should make it right!
It's like I have my own power!
All I need to do is to lift my palm,
Raise my head to see it all!
To push my toes up higher-
But never did I expect my fall…

- End -


EeveeGen9988: I had this ready for posting on Saturday, but then I got so busy that I've only managed to get a moment to finally post this. I'm so relieved for that. *sweatdrops*