Through the Eternal Gate

Summary: A cruel cult leader drives his followers to grisly cult murder-suicides.

They found the children in the hydraulic press, reduced to the consistency of dirty rags. The workshop's surveillance footage showed a cultist slitting their throats with the emotional intensity of cutting vegetables, before throwing them in. He slit his own throat after the last of them was crushed. That was just the first of the grisly files posted online, after the Eternal Gate cult incident.

In their doctrine, the Eternal Gate's murder-suicides were more than a travesty. They were a fast track to the paradise of their dogma, a parallel dimension where they reigned as gods. The founder and high priest recorded and uploaded several videos of his preaching, his rituals, and the compound he ruled with an iron fist. Even in death, his influence over his followers was absolute.

Yet an analysis of the cult's finances revealed a possible motive. Financial stress, lawsuits, and legal troubles took their fiscal toll. As the walls moved in, the cult leader wanted to protect his legacy. That meant traveling through the Eternal Gate, and dragging in all who followed him. While in life he was an unremarkable, if cruel and domineering, figure, in death he was feared. His final act of vengeance would preserve his name and dogma for years to come.

Instead, his name was legally chanced to a randomized insult and number, Butthead 46.

To date, there have been no imitators.