through the homely shed

and the wooden boards and walls

were the men of bones

one of them stands from

the rest lying on a heap

resting for the night

though he has not moved

he is awake and standing

frozen like glaciers

glaciers without waves

skeletons without movement

me without a taste

i have known their plan

it's mine that's now theirs to take

drawing in more heaps

i kept what's proper

telling them that they should go

kind or not, they'll go

"leave now from the boards"

"leave now from the shed not yours"

"leave now, come never"

did he understand

did he want to comprehend

or will he ignore

"take your friends with you"

"take every skeleton here"

"take another shed"

"if you have the chance"

"to make all of yours vanish"

"show me what you have"

after their skull spun

and their twitches left from him

they spoke "so it be"

then within a burst

was the heap and the one gone

leader of the pack

but one more guest came

this guest had nothing with heaps

or with being stiff

my body turned soft

deflated of all that's left

all had collapsed fast

compressed down to jam

now i know what's to be still

now i can not move

how i regret it

telling them that they should go

to another shed

that i could've had

one without those skeletons

return to me now

be the company

take whatever so that i

can have my bones back

perhaps those bodies

that were on that resting heap

were bodies snatched from

what is all not bone

like how i was deprived from

my dense stone function

both sides should bring back

i want to see what they were

from the beginning