So! Last chapter, we got some more information, the Lycan crew went to their Pack meeting, and some other shit lol. Let's see what chapter five brings us, shall we?

Chapter five: Lycans Are Hikikomori (Can We Say "Isolationist"?)

The next morning, Luna opens the door to find Leon standing there, looking cross between positively exhausted and happy to see her. "What happened?" She found herself asking before she could stop herself.

In response, Leon chuckled, ruffling his hair and gave her a lazy smile that made Luna's stomach do backflips. "What happened is yesterday's meeting. It ran kinda late, and it took awhile for me to get to sleep. But enough about that," He brushed off easily. "I'm here to pick you up. I'm pretty sure everyone's awake - technically. Have you eaten already? Ayla's mom is making a shitload of pancakes."

"I was about to get some cereal from the kitchen, but you can't beat a homemade meal," Luna giggled softly. "Just let me grab my shoes and my bag."

"Sis, if you're gonna make bedroom eyes at your boyfriend, could ya do it outside? I'd rather not throw up on my Xbox." A disgruntled voice says suddenly, startling both teenagers.

Instantly, Luna feels a glower settling on her face. "Well maybe you shouldn't watch, Spencer. If you weren't so interested in my life, then you won't have vomit on your precious game." She states pointedly. Then, she turns back to Leon, gesturing behind her at the twenty-something-year-old lounging on the couch. "I'd like you to meet the brother I never asked for, Spencer." She says with a smug grin, watching as Leon's lips curl in a small smile.

Luna pointedly ignores the very charming middle finger her brother offers her, pulling her sandals out of the closet and slinging her bag over her shoulder. "Kay, I'm ready to go now."

"Now hold on," The sudden interruption halts Luna, already halfway out the door, and she looks over her shoulder to see her mother standing in the hallway, her hands on her hips. "Luna, forgive me if this sounds rude, but I don't feel comfortable just letting you go off to someone's house without me even knowing who they are. I know I allowed it originally, but I just can't help but worry something might happen to you, no offense, young man. After all, neither myself nor my husband know you, or your name or where you live. We don't know your intentions with our daughter, or really anything about you at all. I just want my daughter to be safe. I'd feel much better if we accompanied you." The woman pauses speaking for just a second, nodding her head resolutely. "Yes, I'm going to go will you."

Partially horrified, Luna felt her mouth drop open, staring at her mother. She couldn't be serious, right? She's still staring at her mom when Spencer speaks up.

"It's probably time I got out of the house for a while too," The blue-eyed brunet said lightly, turning his game off and standing up, much to Luna's horror. "I'll go too."

Then, Luna feels a tug on her shirt, and looks down to see her younger brother Nick looking up at her. "Can I come?" He asks, and she feels herself fighting confliction as she stares into the hazel eyes so like her own that always makes her fold.

Unable to stand the puppy-dog-eyes of her brother, Luna abruptly moves her gaze to glare at the wall. 'Oh, come on. Why can't my family ever just buzz off?' The brunette moaned to herself. 'What's next? Dad?'

And because the universe likes to kick her while she's down, it's only fitting that there's one last person to speak up. "I'd better come along as well." Lo and behold, it's her father who says this, rising from his seat at the table.

"Wonderful!" Emily exclaimed, clapping her hands. "So we're all going then." She announced, finding not a single problem in the world inserting herself and everyone else into Luna's personal plans.

'What the hell, Mom?' Luna couldn't help but grouch to herself, though she refrained from saying as much out loud.

"I suppose that's alright." Leon said suddenly, sounding so perfectly at ease the brunette couldn't help but give him a startled look from the corner of her eye. From what Ayla had said, the Pack was sort of an isolationist thing, never letting in the people who didn't know about them already. For him to be so open about it..

No, Luna decided firmly. He isn't okay with it, he's just putting up a good front to make it seem like he's fine with her family tagging along. She remains silent as they all exit the house and make their way to Leon's car. Spotting the vehicle, Spencer whistles in appreciation.

"Nice car," Nick complimented as they took in the sight of Leon's Yukon Denali. Luna ignored her family's commentary as she opened the passenger side door and clambered in, buckling her seatbelt deftly, debating the pros and cons of throwing herself out of the car on the ride there.

"Christ, Luna, just how rich is your boyfriend?" Spencer asked, ignoring the way her expression twisted into a sour look. "You're basically dating a young Bill Gates."

This prompted the teen to slunk down into the passenger seat with a tortured groan. 'This is gonna be a long day,' The brunette couldn't help but lament to herself, staring out the window and hoping for the ride to end soon. Unlike Luna's obvious under-enthusiasm about the unexpected guests, Leon merely smiled and kept up the appearance that he wasn't entirely stressed out by their presence, engaging in mindless chatter as he drove to Ayla's estate. However, even though he smiled and laughed, Luna could tell his discomfort was also rising just as much as hers was. Just as she suspected, he wasn't comfortable with her family being here. Granted, she wasn't feeling all that relaxed either, given the circumstances of the situation, but still.

As always, reaching Ayla's house didn't take long, although she could hear the oohs and ahs of her family members as they drove past Beverly Hills and into the territory Leon's Pack owned. They drove through the extensive land, passing different rows of enormous houses, until they finally reached the end of Ayla's driveway. From her mirror, she could see everyone's jaws drop as they pulled up to Ayla's house, taking in the stunning details of the massive estate.

Thankfully, her family managed to pull themselves together just in time for Leon to park the car, saving Luna from the embarrassment of acknowledging her relatives' dumbstruck gawking. Leon was the first out of the car, opening the backseat door for her parents and brothers, while she opened her door herself, and all six of them made their way up the pristine steps.

They had barely even touched the top stair when the dark, cherrywood door opened inwards to reveal one of the staff employed by Ayla's family. "Welcome back, Master Leon. Good morning, Miss Luna." The Mazur family butler, George, said pleasantly.

"Good morning, George." Luna said while Leon nodded at the man as they strolled by. The two led Luna's family into the dining room, where they found their friends congregated. Ayla was parked at the island in the kitchen, clad ironically in black pajamas with red paw prints on them, rubbing her eyes while talking to a bleary-eyed Casey, Rose was facedown on the table with Dylan trying to wake her, Teddy and Michaela spoke amongst themselves, and Alexander and Jesse were speaking civilly, although Luna could see it would soon turn into an argument about something or the other.

"Hi, guys." Luna said as she seated herself on Ayla's right, giving the unresponsive redhead a once over. The poor girl looks positively dead, slumped over and giving the counter a lidded glare. Her beautiful red hair is a massive curly mess, falling in her eyes and nearly lying on her plate. Narrowing her eyes at the redhead, she then turns her attention to Casey. "Is she okay?" She asks the tired pinkette, who begins to open her mouth, only to get cut off by a huge yawn.

Once the pinkette had her yawning under control, she nodded. "Yeah, she's fine. Just homicidal." She answered, unhinging her jaw like an anaconda to shove a pancake in her mouth. Just another reminder for Luna just how distinctly non-human her friends were. That and their insatiable appetites. She feels really bad for Ayla's mom, who seems to have been in the kitchen for hours cooking for an entire house of starving Lycan teenagers.

Giving a discreet glance to the kitchen to see her mom talking with Ayla's, her brothers in the middle of a game brawl with Alexander and Jesse, and her dad speaking to a bronze-skinned man with neck-length dark brown hair, she lets out an unheard sigh of relief. At least her family hopefully won't hear this.

"So, what happened at the Pack meeting?" Luna asks the redhead in a whisper, careful to keep her voice down as she switches the topic. In response, the red-haired Lycan groaned, stabbing at her breakfast with her fork and a look in her eyes that was half exhausted and half murderous. Luna spared a glance at the fork and hopes it doesn't warp under Ayla's forceful grip.

"Ugh! Okay, basically it's the same thing every damn time they come up, but usually, I just want to punch one person." Luna tilted her head in confusion, not really understanding. She remembered Ayla saying she wanted to kill someone last night, if vaguely, but other than that, it's a bit unclear.

Okay, a lot unclear.

"Umm, okay. So, just what happened in the meeting to make you wish you could punch and/or drown several people?" Luna asked, somehow not fazed at all by Ayla's blatant wish to commit mass assault and/or murder. Ayla rolled her eyes and shoveled a piece of pancake into her face with a look of absolute contempt.

"When we got there, everything was fine. Fine, I tell you. But almost the very goddamn second we all got out of the car, everything started falling to fucking pieces. I swear. Lemme tell you, I wanted to fucking break someone's neck. Anyway, we arrived at the place, right? Well.." Ayla began painting the picture of the night before, Luna listening intently.


Ayla sighs as the car finally slows to a stop, honestly wanting the night to be over already and it hasn't even begun. As the chauffeur opens the door, Jesse is the first to exit. As soon as he's out, he holds out a hand to help Ayla out, the red-haired Lycan giving him a small smile and thanking him. They linked their arms together, stepping aside from the door to let Leon get out, and waited for Leon's parents to arrive so they can enter. Finally, after about five minutes of standing there like sitting ducks, their Alphas arrive and they greet the two with smiles.

Samantha and Eddie Williams are the first to enter the venue, with Leon behind them, followed by Jesse and Ayla, and then their friends. As much as she hates it, they all have to enter the Pack meetings as Pack order dictates. How fun, the redheaded Lycan thought with disdain.

She and Jesse are about to follow Leon through the doors when someone stepped into their path. 'Great, just fucking great..', Ayla thought. Because no Pack meeting is ever complete without her having to encounter the one bitch who everyone hates. That damned whoropolis mate-stealer. Carefully wrapping up her urge to strangle someone, she smacked the most lady-like sneer on her face and regarded the interruption with cold disgust. Beside her, Jesse is just as done, looking honestly two seconds away from falling asleep then and there.

"Elise, what brings you to this extravagant event? Shouldn't you be giving a sad handjob in the front seat of a Camry right now?" The redhead asked, enough sugar in her voice to give someone diabetes. Although, to her credit, Elise didn't look as pissed as Ayla had hoped. A real shame, the Lycan couldn't help but lament, imagining all the ways she could maim the bitches face with her heels.

"Ayla...dear," Elise hissed out the endearment as though it were poison. "You would know a lot about slutty behavior, seeing as how often you drape yourself over your mate." Hearing the judgmental tone, Ayla grins like a madwoman, displaying her shiny pearly teeth.

"Ah, but at least I have a mate to drape myself over." She paused to wrap her arms around Jesse's waist, sending a victorious look at the other Lycan woman. "You, on the other hand, uhm, not so much. And you know what they say, females who don't meet their mate before their nineteenth cycle never get a mate. And, oh!" She exclaimed in mock surprise, a lady-like hand over mouth that was grinning like the goddamned Cheshire cat. "Your nineteenth cycle is fast approaching, is it not, dear?"

Elise bristled and stormed off. Ayla's face stretched into a mastermind-worthy smile at her obvious win, and she was honestly surprised Jesse hadn't backed away in fear yet. "It's hot when you do that," Jesse rumbled in her ear, making her smirk.

"You just want some tonight, don't you?" She asked lightly as they continued on their way, spotting a frowning Leon up ahead. "Sorry, cowboy, but I'm gonna be too tired for anything tonight, and you will too." She reminded him. As soon as they reached the table where Leon was, he asked them what had happened.

"Just that mate-stealing bitch Elise trying to pick a fight with me, but she stomped off like a child when I brought up her deadline." Ayla smirked and shrugged, unable to hide her pride at her win. "You'd think she would stop picking fights with me, but no, I guess that hick blood runs really thick in her dumb ass." She whispered conspiratorially to her two cohorts.

"Why the hell did Dad even allow her to join anyway? Isn't she the daughter of the Alpha of those backwoods inbred morons?" Jesse asked, earning a nod from Leon.

The green-eyed blond was about to answer when the meeting was abruptly called to session, forcing everyone to take their seats and let the conversation die.


"It was maybe half way into the meeting when things got even fucking worse. I'd already said my turn, as had Jesse and Leon, so we weren't really needed to be called on much for the rest of the meeting, which meant we all pretty much just tried to keep from falling asleep on the table. I'd been playing a game on my phone when Elise came back and immediately criticized me and my outfit, so then I threatened to throw her off a fucking pier with a cinderblock tied to her ankle, and she called me a crazy homicidal bitch. Later, as revenge for that comment, I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut like half her hair off. She didn't notice when I did it and I bet she hadn't until she got home. Serves the rude little bitch right." Ignoring Luna's wide-eyed look, the redhead continues.

"After about three and a half hours of useless droning, the food finally came and the serious discussion stopped for a while. Everything was fine until halfway through lunch, when the same brainless bimbo Elise stumbles onto the stage, completely fucking plastered. So then she had to be dragged off stage, right? Our table just so happened to be right next to the stage. As she was getting dragged away, she tried grabbing onto my chair to keep from getting pulled away. Unfortunately, her aim sucked and she accidentally grabbed onto my dress." Ayla growled her expression darkening as her eyes swirled with murder, stabbing her fork into another pancake with much more force than necessary.

Already having inside knowledge, Casey manages to get a laugh out around another monstrous yawn, finding the redhead's fury hilarious.

"What happened?" Luna asked, though she honestly wasn't sure she wanted to know the answer. Ayla, nearly trembling in ire, snarls out her response.

"She made an even bigger cut out on my back and you'd best believe that'll take forever to fucking fix, so I'm sending her the bill from my tailor to pay for that. I liked that dress, and it was damned expensive. Luckily for me, Jesse gave me his jacket to save me from embarrassment." A snort sounded from the living room, prompting the others to look over.

From the living room, a brunette with bronze skin and hazel-green eyes stared at them all, one eyebrow raised. Idly, Luna recognized her as the woman she'd seen on her way to the bathroom just four days ago. In the back of her head, Luna is then reminded that only four days has passed since she found out her friends were all werewolves, even though it honestly felt like much more time had passed. The brunette snaps back into focus as the bronze-skinned woman begins speaking.

"Ayla, if Jesse hadn't done that, you and I both know that you would have beaten the bitch within an inch of her life, drunk or not." It's silent for several seconds, the two locked in a staring contest. After a few uncomfortable seconds, the redhead breaks eye-contact and thinks it over.

"Yeah, you're right." She consented only mere seconds later, and then turned back and saw a confused look on Luna's face. After blinking for a second or two, realization finally crosses her face.

"Oh, sorry. That's my older sister, Derya Mazur." The brunette raised a hand in a lazy greeting before turning her attention back to the show she'd been watching previously. Ayla snorted.

"Don't mind her, she's a little hungover..." She said, forking a piece of bacon into her mouth. "And, ya know, just kind of a bitch." She added as an afterthought.

"Screw you, sis." Derya said, although she didn't sound too torn up about the comment.

"Not likely, Derya." The younger of the two fired back with a smug grin. "Besides, Ryan might have something to say about that." She wiggled her eyebrows, snickering when the elder of the two gifted her a present in the form of her middle finger.

Thankfully, Luna's family only stayed for another hour or two before they apparently felt comfortable leaving Luna there. Leon was quick to offer them a ride back, and everyone in the group could see just how eager he was to get them all out of his territory. As soon as the door closed behind them all, the occupants of the house all released sighs of relief, practically growing limp as they relaxed. Even Ayla's parents and sister seemed relieved, stress Luna hadn't even seen falling off their shoulders.

After that, Ayla's father Emin gave his wife a kiss, hugged his daughters, and left the house to go to work. Soon after that, Derya retired to her bedroom to sleep off her hangover, leaving just Antonia and the teenagers downstairs. Leon came back soon enough, looking equally as relieved to have Luna's family out of the house, and he joined his brother in the living room to unwind with some video games.


"Hey, can I ask a question?" Luna asked out of the blue. Ayla, who looked much better after a long shower and a few cups of pure black coffee, looked up from her phone. While Ayla's attention was seemingly elsewhere, Jesse took the distraction and used it to try and steal some of her lunch off her plate.

"Sure." She allowed, barely pausing as she hooked her foot under the legs of Jesse's stool and yanked, ripping the seat out from underneath him and sending him crashing to the floor. Her smile widened as she plucked a fry off the plate, shoving it in her mouth as the swears of her mate sounded from on the floor.

"When my parents insisted on coming with when Leon showed up to pick me up at my house, I could tell he was uncomfortable even though he was smiling. I mean, I was uncomfortable too, given, ya know, Lycans and all that. Does he have a problem with them being around?" She tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. "I remember you saying something about you guys sort of being like, isolationist, kind of."

Grimacing a bit, Jesse hauls himself back onto his stool, rubbing his tailbone and aiming a small glare at his mate. "It's nothing personal, Luna. Wolves are pack animals, but they're also very insular. The same goes for Lycans. We try to keep those who don't know about us out. Humans can't even find out where we live because we found a way to sort of coexist without interacting too much. Our neighborhoods and houses technically aren't even on Earth, they're on a separate plane entirely. That's part of why we were so confused to how Leon found you, because you never should have found where our neighborhood is."

Luna blinked owlishly at the blond, positively dumbstruck. "Seriously?" She whispered. "So we aren't on Earth right now?" She asked. Jesse nodded, picking up his glass of Sprite.

"I know it freaks you out, but when Lycans began melding ourselves into the general populous, we still needed places for us to live and act freely without fear of discovery. About a few hundred years ago, a couple of the Lycan Elders' ancestors discovered that there are these...pockets to different planes, completely distinct and absolutely inaccessible to those who aren't like us. Once we found out humans couldn't get to these pockets, or even find or detect them, we moved our settlements into any one we could find. I know Leon may have seemed rude, and all of us by extension, for being so on edge with your family here, but it's an instinct so far embedded in our DNA, something we can't ignore even if we tried. Our ancestors were so dead-set on keeping humans from knowing about us, that it settled into our DNA and our instincts, making us isolationist weirdos." The blond explained and Ayla snorted, handing her mate a fry, despite the fact that she'd yanked his seat out from under him just minutes prior for trying to steal from her plate.

"Your family doesn't even know we aren't human, and we'd like to keep it that way. Ideally, we'd also like to keep them away from our neighborhoods, but, uh, I know you couldn't just have told them to back off. Besides, we wouldn't have asked you to do that." Ayla looked vaguely appalled at the very thought. "This entire situation is a giant clusterfuck in and of itself, and we're left to pick up the slack and try to fix anything that does go wrong." Luna watches as the Lycan girl bites her nail with a look of deep concern.

"Hey bitch!" Ayla is suddenly prevented from saying anything more when Casey drapes herself over her redheaded friend, grinning ear to ear. "Change into some swimsuits, we're chilling in your pool for a while since it's hot as Satan's asscrack." With this, the pinkette drags her friends upstairs to Ayla's room, leaving Jesse sitting at the island, blinking in confusion and Antonia giggling into her hand.

Once they're all inside Ayla's room, Casey runs into Ayla's walk-in and throws a few pairs of bathing suits out. "Get dressed!" She exclaims before rushing out of the closet and stripping out of her clothes without preamble.

Sighing, Ayla reaches down and picks out a black two piece from the pile and proceeds to change into it. Ten minutes later sees Luna and the Lycan crew chilling out at Ayla's backyard inground pool. Even Lily was having fun, doggy-paddling and splashing around with Casey, her tongue lolling out of her mouth as she panted happily.

"Uh, are you sure you're okay with Lily in the pool?" Luna asked just to be sure. Ayla grinned brightly, yanking her shades from her eyes and setting them atop her crimson locks. The red-haired Lycan is currently lounging on one of the pool chairs, an umbrella shielding the worst of the sun from her.

"Doesn't bother me! Dog hair isn't the worst thing that's been in here anyway." Ayla then got up and walked inside when she heard Derya call for her, leaving Luna to blink as she tried to process the somewhat ominous statement.

"What does she mean by that? Do I want to know?" Luna asked Michaela, who was also relaxing in a pool chair nearby, indulging herself in a book. The blonde looks up, watching Luna through calm gun-metal gray eyes.

"No, you don't." The girl answers dully, before returning to her book.

"Remember what Ayla said about Lycans and their libidos?" Casey cheerfully asked from the pool. "Well it's-" The pinkette is then cut off as Michaela flings a pool floatie at her head.

"OW! Chaela, what was that for?!" Casey whined, pouting like a little girl and fat crocodile tears filling her eyes.

From her chair, Michaela is the very picture of calm innocence, if not for the mischief swirling in her gray orbs. "I don't know what you're talking about." Michaela staunchly deflected, her face carefully blank. "You really should be careful around the pool, Casey, you never know what kind of pool paraphernalia could suddenly smack you." She helpfully advised, her gray eyes twinkling at the irritation leaking off of her pink-haired friend.

"You-!" Casey began, but cut herself off short, seemingly lost for words. "I'm not making you any mac and cheese, you meanie!"

"Brave words from someone who can barely manage to not burn water," Ayla's sarcastic voice drawled from the sliding glass back door, holding a tray of drinks. "I go inside for five damn minutes to talk to Derya and get us something to drink, and I come back to Casey trying and failing miserably to talk shit. I should muzzle you." She grins roguishly and sets the tray down.

"Funny," Casey playfully glares at her friend. "Why don't you slap one on yourself before you talk about muzzling me?"

"I already do, and I find it quite fun." Ayla retorts back. "And Jess likes it a lot too." She adds on as a caveat, making the pinkette and blonde gag.

"Ew! I don't want to hear about your obnoxiously loud sex life, Ay. Too much information." Casey pretended to dry heave, ignoring the loud laughter ripping from Ayla's throat.

"Would it kill you to be a bit more conservative?" Michaela asked primly, grabbing a Sprite off the tray.

"Maybe~" The smug grin on Ayla's face almost made Michaela want to tackle the other girl to the ground and possibly strangle her, but she refrained from doing so.

The prison sentence just wasn't worth it.

Ayla interrupts Michaela's thoughts on the pros and cons of at least manslaughter, sitting upright in her chair and nearly sending her drink sailing on Casey. "Hey, ya know what? Leon and Luna should go on a date!"

"Yes!" Casey agrees instantly, not needing much prompting. "And we can take her for a spa day to get ready for it!" She adds, although the excited glint in her eyes may just be she really wants a spa day.

"Sounds great to me!"

"Guys, don't you think you should ask the subject of the conversation what she thinks?" Rose asks pointedly, gesturing to a wildly blushing Luna who keeps her eyes locked on the floor.

"What do you think? Do you wanna go on a date with him? I know he's kinda creepy and ya know, maybe a stalker for sneaking up on you that one time," Ayla comments offhandedly, waving off the insanity of the statement entirely. "But once you get past that he's a really nice guy, if just kind of stupid."

"Ayla, I hope to god he doesn't hear that." Jesse calls from somewhere inside the house.

"Butt out!" Ayla shouts back with an irk in her tone. "This is girl chat, so block out your ear-holes and mind your damn business!" The Lycan scolds him, her eyes narrow at the house. When no other sound rises from the house, she turns back to the conversation.

"Anyway," Michaela interjects before anything else can happen. "Let's get back to the topic at hand."

Thankful for Michaela's level head that, more often than not, manages to reel in Ayla's insufferable temper, Luna lets out a small breath.

"Um, well, I am gonna be his mate at some point, right? So it's important for me to develop a better relationship with him and get to know him more." Luna rationalized. "So yes, I'll go on a date with him."

Instantly, all of the girls, aside from Michaela, cheered and high-fived each other, making plans for the upcoming event. Ayla in particular seemed extra eager, yanking her phone out of her bikini top to begin making appointment after appointment with a maddened look in her eyes. The look of a girl desperate for a girl's day.

And that's it for chapter five! Luna's family complicating things, some more exposure to the Pack, Ayla being borderline homicidal, girl chat, and date planning.

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