The Prophecy

The darkest night, the deepest fears

Will now let go of all your tears

The demons black, the sacred white

Will now come out for you to fight

With bravery as strong as oak

You will reverse the time's wise clock

The creepiest sounds, the quietest sight

All you know will show how bright

The spirit is when wild and free

And all you want is meant to be

Oh soul so strong, oh oldest you

Will you now see that mirror through

To break the spell you must now stand

And highest source you must offend

To see the truth in death's pure eyes

You will become what you despise

But fear not oh, the purest child

Your fear shall not now make you hide

The love thyself has for the dark

Will not become your demising mark

For all the love is hidden in stars

Who shine so bright to heal your scars

Which are in turn made from void black

That you see in light's come back