Toni Taylor was molding her Greek masterpiece in a lonely cell at Alcatraz. She recently moved into the abandoned prison to cope with herself more. She know it wasn't proper to move into Alcatraz and felt bad about it. She could not cope with mainstream society and was trying to feel better. Nonetheless, she felt more nervous than ever as she molded a peculiar shape to her vase. She also noticed how depressed she still felt in her God-fearing guilt. She felt scared as she thought she could feel a soft approaching noise. She thought she could feel a grizzly growl which chilled her. When she finished her desired shape of her Greek vase, she started to feel great dread. She was then going to create her image on the vase, but she feel too paralyzed to do so. She felt like some dark shadow demon was coming to get her. She felt so guilt ridden. She also felt bad memories were coming to get her. Toni decided to try to mold her image on her vase. She felt determined like it was her last moments on earth. How good she felt in the midst of a dark ocean. After a while, when she was nearly done with her masterpiece, Toni felt she now had it. She felt craze enough especially with the frightening approaching bear sound. So, she violently slam down on the floor and screamed to death in the cold sterile place she was in!

Turns out she was still alive but seem to be in somebody's custody being taken out of the prison. She didn't really care as she felt mad and blurry enough. Maybe she is being taken to some place over the rainbow as she made some unintelligible and soft animal-like noises.