Prompt: "You stare out into the Abyss long enough, you start catching glimpses of its children. But thing is, they see you too. And once they've got you in their sights… you… well, it's already too late… All you can do is pray you're not their next meal. But of course, there are far worse fates than that." from givethispromptatry on tumblr


Her fingers fidgets with the rope tied around her waist as she stares down the tear in the earth. At its non-existent bottom there was a writhing mass of darkness, pitch black, yet she could still see flashes of something in it. Little figures ran around in it, their giggles almost reaching her.

Taking a deep breath, she forces herself to forget the warnings her mom hissed at her when she told her she was taking this job. She slips down into the cliff and begins her descent.

She has scaled cliffs and climbed mountains many times before, it was why she was chosen for this job, but the shivers that rack her body as she scales down the cliff into the abyss are new. She cannot calm the thoughts that intrude in her mind and whirl with doubts.

Why did she accept this job? Why was she so stupid that the pay they offered seemed reasonable for her death? At least her parents would still get it when she didn't return from the abyss.

The knock on her door this morning continues to ring in her ears, the moment her fate was sealed.

She didn't know when she stopped being able to see the sky above her, but after a while the sun stopped reaching her. Her hands and feet still moved automatically, taking her deeper and deeper. Even unable to see, she still knew where to step.

Then she stopped climbing, and began walking around the void. Her feet sunk with each step, as though she were walking on a giant mattress. Closing her eyes, she tried to smell the abyss, but found she couldn't breath. That didn't bother her though, there was no need for it here.

A giggle sounded around her, echoing through the abyss. It was high, and she couldn't sense the emotion in it. Languidly, she turned around, and found a pair of eyes staring at her.

"Hello," the child offered to her, and she felt her lips twitch up into a smile. She hadn't wanted to smile, hadn't instructed herself to, but was the harm in it, they were just a kid.

"Hello," she replied.

Hadn't she heard something about the children? She could almost remember her mother's voice, but it vanished as she tried.

"Do you like my abyss?" The child asked, coming to sit next to her. She didn't know when she had begun sitting, but the ground was very soft. She patted it a few times with a happy smile.

She hadn't really thought much of the void before, in fact, she was pretty sure it had scared her before. Why had it scared her? It was a very nice abyss. It was soft and comfortable. She couldn't worry here. She thinks she worried a lot, but here, the thoughts are quiet. "Yes, yes I do."

The child claps their hands together, and the sound cuts through the darkness. She flinches at the sound, and a thought enters her head. "Oh, I'm so glad!" The child cries, but she barely hears.

"Are you gonna eat me?" She whispers, and the sound is as loud as the clap.

"Eat you? No I'm not going to eat you," the child chuckles, and she relaxes. Of course the child won't eat her, where did that thought even come from.

But the voice she heard, it had sounded so warm, so comforting, so trusted. And there was more, but she couldn't remember.

She couldn't think.

Everything was gone and she was as empty as a void.

"Would you like to stay here?" The child asks, and stretches out a hand.

"Yes, yes I would."