Yagatzwe meant beautiful in the old language, and beautiful it was. It was a small village nestled in between two enormous, sloping hills covered in rich, dark forest. Passing straight through the village was a river with a pebbly bottom and clear, icy green water.

The forest was like a stray dog, dangerous and frightening to those who did not know it well, but quietly submissive to those who knew it. Children were not allowed in the forests until they were sixteen, for fear they'd be carried away by the Beasts inside of it. It had happened too often.

The river was quiet and cold and dark, sliding past Yagatzwe so gently that you might not even notice it at low tide. It was full of fish and crustaceans.

The people of Yagatzwe were a family in the sense that what was gained by one was shared by all. These are the people of Yagatzwe.

Leader- Sunstep

Co-lead- Fawnleap

Outsiders (Temporary residents)- Bella, Timor, Keen, Loyal, Gracious, Glory.

Children- Blizzard, Thorn, Branch, Pearl, Silver, Thrush, Fox, Sparrow, Root, Mint, Swipe

Hunters and fighters- Mantis, Dew, River, Light, Moon, Paw, Trout, Stream, Dark

Mothers (Mothers with children three or younger)- Minnow (One child) Catbird (Three children)

Caregivers (Caregivers and children tend to livestock, cook, repair, and clean) Song, Spike, Violet, Slash, Shaft, Pike, Eel, Smoke, Slither

Scouts- Autumn, Ray, Blaze, Rain, Snake