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Chapter One: Destiny Part One

Deep in space, lava blasted from the surface of a planet as it slowly crumbled into small chunks. A nearby electric cloud absorbed all the debris of the planet. The cloud, white in color, rotated wildly in a circular motion. Within moments, all that existed of the planet was a dark spot among the stars, and a slowly dissipating gravity well.

The cloud turned and slowly headed back into deep space. A small meteor, unseen to the cloud, dipped in and out of the cloud as it swirled around, randomly dipping into the meteor's course as it spiraled away from the rest of the debris of the planet it once was a part of. It slowly began to glow. Then a spark of electricity hit the meteor, and it rocketed into space.

Back in our solar system, on the planet Earth, Jade Samantha Adams just wanted to disappear. She had brown hair and glasses. She was simple to look at. Nothing special. She let her hair grow extremely long, hanging down in front of her face, hiding most of it. Most kids liked to tease her, saying that she was scarred underneath the hair, and was too afraid to show her face. A couple of kids, shouldered past her, looked back and laughed, and continued on their way.

She sighed, tucked one side of her hair behind her ear, and continued towards her least favorite class, gym.

In gym, the first thing they had to do was run eight laps around the gym. Every time she got passed, the other kids jeered and laughed at her.

"Come on, slowpoke. My crippled old grandfather runs faster than you," Marie Anderson teased.

One kid slowed to a jog beside her, stuck out their leg sideways, catching her leg and tripping her. She fell to the floor with a loud thump, her glasses sliding a few feet away on the floor.

She saw a hand reach down and pick up her glasses. Then another hand reached down, palm upward. She looked up into Matt Richard's face. He had short blond hair, blue eyes, and a perfect smile.

"Come on," he said. "Let me help you up."

She blushed as she offered him her hand. He helped her to her feet and handed her her glasses.

"Don't let the others bother you," he said. "They're a bunch of jerks."

She could only nod.

"Well, I guess I'll talk to you later." With that, he continued his laps.

Marie ran by. "You're lucky Matt's got a thing for lost causes." She pushed Jade as she ran by.

After the laps, which she came in last for, the gym teacher said they were playing dodgeball today. Jade kept getting knocked out first. Everyone would aim for her first. She couldn't dodge the ball as she was too clumsy and kept tripping over her feet.

Finally, gym ended and she had her favorite class next: band. She went to the band room and pulled her clarinet out of the band locker. She was lucky and it was a free day, so she could play whatever she liked.

After school, she went to the bookstore and perused the manga section.

"Look what we got here." Jade sighed as she heard Marie's voice. "What are you reading, nerd girl?" Marie looked around at all the manga and picked up one. "What is this crap? It doesn't even open the right way."

"It's manga," Jade answered. "It's Japanese comics."

"You don't look Japanese to me." Marie laughed as she walked off. "Jappy Jade! I got it! J.J.!" She cackled as she left the store. She then looked at the comic section. "Ooh," she cooed. "The new issue of Supergirl is up." She dug through her pockets. She had just enough money to buy it. "I wish my life could be like yours," she said to the face of Supergirl on the cover. She bought the comic and left.

She shut the door behind her as she got home. "I'm home!" She yelled out as she started up the stairs.

"How was your day?" came the reply from her mother.

"Lovely," she replied back as she let herself into her room. She put her new comic into her comic box. She had every issue of Supergirl to date.

She plopped herself down onto her bed and picked up a picture frame from the table beside her bed. She gently rubbed her fingers down the picture. It was a picture of her and an older man. The man was her father. He had red hair and green eyes and had a thing for cashmere sweaters. Her father had died five years ago.

"You'd know what to say about me being bullied," she said. "Why did you have to go?" A couple tears dropped onto the picture. She sighed. Being home right now was kind of depressing. She left her room and descended down the stairs. "I'm going out for a walk," she said as she left the house. After all, nothing could be worse than wallowing in self pity.

She walked down the street, thinking about the events of the day, glad that it was now the weekend. She didn't have to see Marie Anderson for three whole days, as Monday was a Teacher Workday. She then remembered how Matt had helped her. It was a shame she wouldn't see him for three days either. She blushed as she rounded the corner of a building. She looked up and realized she was right across from the park.

She crossed the street and entered the park, losing herself in her thoughts. So lost was she in her thoughts, she didn't see the flash across the sky, or how the light seemed to be getting brighter and brighter. It was only when the light started to blind her that she noticed it. She looked up in time to see a meteor hurtling towards her from the sky. She gave one scream as it impacted with her and exploded into the ground, dirt and debris flying everywhere. After the smoke cleared, all that was left was a smoking crater and a meteor nestled in the bottom, one hand stretched out from under the meteor, lying limp on the ground.

To Be Continued...

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