~Sweet Seabreeze~

Move softly, sweet Seabreeze, across these blue waves,
Move slowly, I'd beg you, and serenade with true praise.
My Kristen lay sleeping upon my boat's starboard beam,
Move steady, dear Neptune, and disturb not this dream.

How lofty those white clouds, just a speck to my eye,
Plush and so scattered, across this bright azure sky.
Over tranquil cool waters, a glowing sun rises high,
My loves siesta I croon for, as she sleeps by and by.

You flock of brash pelicans, whose loud echoes begin,
Or those cawing birds feeding yond sandy beach bend.
I sing too for you, and beseech, squawks you forbear,
I'd beg you for whispers, as my love slumbers there.

I'm beguiled by her beauty, for her true equal, not one,
She lounges on a beach towel, to tan naked 'neath sun.
Her flawless body my gift I close my eyes, and still see,
A warm breath filling sail, to shade my Kristen and me.

Over the calm waters I reef the sails as our boat yet glides,
And still I ask your breeze flows, where my Kristen resides.
But how wanton your fish that splashed drops on her neck,
Now with awe mighty Neptune, she's rolled onto her back.

Yes move ahead, sweet Seabreeze, over all the blue waves,
Blow onward, I beg you, while I serenade with high praise.
Kristen lays here yet asleep, on my boat's starboard beam,
Go slow sweet Seabreeze, please never end such a dream.