Working with a private equity firm, Travis Hills Minnesota specializes in various areas of gas, oil, lab extraction and processing, agriculture, and some space exploration. Backed by 37 patents, the process of acoustic cavitation provides graphite feedstock to the electric cars, giga factories, space exploration companies, heating and cooling companies and nuclear reactor companies.

As a renowned business development officer, Travis holds a hands-on approach and demonstrates strong product knowledge of banking, investment, credit, and insurance products. He cultivates strong relationships with customers by delivering the most advantageous customer experience during every client interaction. Apart from this, he wears multiple hats as a biochemist, consultant, inventor as well as a business owner. Pertaining to his education credentials, Travis pursued Masters in Biochemistry.

Associated with the Machinery Company, Travis Hills Minnesota develops and rolls out the laboratory extraction apparatus with a higher efficiency of extraction to be rolled out by an OEM like Thermo Fisher. He also works to implement a technology that works differently, uses fewer chemicals and eliminates dangerous, flammable, and toxic solvents.

In order to treat the ballast water effectively, Travis works to create and patent the optimum configuration to use the disinfection abilities of technologies in series to achieve 100% kill. Additionally, the cost is significantly less that either direct competitor with 50-80% reduction in acquisition and operations cost.

About Travis Hills Minnesota

With a vision to provide the safe drinking water, Travis Hills Minnesota develops water purification systems that are sustainable, zero polluting, and lower in energy use than any technology in commercial use or in development. He is always aimed at developing, managing, producing or delivering products or services which significantly reduce or eliminate water pollution and energy use. He provides 100% safe drinking water and deals in frac water patents and cleaning technology to take the raw sewage water or oil/frac water, treat it, and make 100% safe drinking water.