For Her

Lips wrapped tight around porcelain white,

Her smile cracks wide and pulls me tight,

Her laugh I love, it rings out so,

Oh god for her I won't let go.

Some love is real, some come and go,

Some stay awhile and never grow.

For her I'd grow now old and gray,

Just hoping that we spend each day,

In love, at peace, in happiness,

The place she brings me, gives me bliss,

My heart cannot contain this love,

My beautiful gentle, subtle dove.

For where she leads, I'll always be,

Wrapped inside a memory,

of days gone by and days to come,

Each morning bathed in warming sun,

For her the world is so absurd,

Mine to would be, if not for her…

I sit and watch you speak sometimes,

Admiring all of you…divine…

How am I such a lucky man?

For her I do not understand…

Her kiss so deep I lose all thought,

A beautiful abyss, I'm caught.

I lose myself within this sea…

With her is where I need to be…

Keeping me so lost in love…

I think the man that's up above…

Each day we spend is so unique,

For her this life is never bleak.

We'll love and laugh, and we'll grow old,

Stories we love just told and told…

There is only one regret,

I wish all of our time was spent,

In love and living out our dreams,

But things aren't what it always seems,

For it was meant to be this way,

We came together and now we stay.

I love you Baby