There was a teenage girl that was roaming around the park and looking around. It was the Fourth of July and she was jovially content being there with the red, white, and blue colored decoration along with the sight of the merrymaking and picnicking. She listened to people's chatting to especially understand people's ways more. She saw the sight of children playing around the playground which amused her yet made her feel a little sad. She rocked out and whimpered to the song, "God Bless the U.S.A.", that was playing on a nearby radio. Then a middle-aged woman, apparently an aunt of hers, awkwardly grabbed her and took her to a picnic table where her parents were sitting. The young female whimpered a bit, thinking how disturbingly strange her aunt wants her to be besides her parents all the time, though it was actually time to eat the barbequed food. She thoroughly enjoyed the picnic food though she distanced away from her parents and brother, who were talking about a relative's disease and why he had it. Also, firsthand, right before they ate the picnic barbequed food, the young female's mother supposedly unfairly said to her whining, "Quit it Bethany." This really disturbed her and contributed to her distance attitude. However, Bethany continued to be diverted by music emulating from a nearby radio even afterwards. Shortly after she finished eating, she was reading a book when one of her female cousins asked her, "Are you willing to hang out with us?" Bethany nodded and went up, with her bag of stuff to do, with her cousin and his group. Her cousin said to her about her carrying her bag of things, "It looks like you're carrying a load there, maybe you can put it back?" Bethany nodded and rashly said, "No June!" Cousin June replied, "Okay, calm it down Bethany." This disturbed Bethany a bit as she went on carrying her bag in with June's group.

At first, Bethany along with her cousin June's group played with sparklers. Bethany enjoyed playing with her sparkler and was amused by her cousin trying to make a pattern out of the sparkler's light. But unfortunately, at one point, she happened to touch near the sparkler's top and exclaimed an ouch as she felt great pain from it. Her cousin told her, "Be careful there." Sometime afterwards, Bethany and her cousin's group were playing frisbee. Bethany was thrilled at playing frisbee but she unfortunately and unintendedly thrown the frisbee into the woods. Bethany stood there stunned before June soberly told her to go get it. Bethany further stood there stunned before she honestly and bravely told June, "I need you to get go with me because I feel chicken." June signed but managed to say, "Alrighty." Bethany put her bag on the ground.

Bethany and June went into the nearby woods to try to pick up the frisbee. Bethany, as they went into the woods, felt eerily about the place. As Bethany saw the dropped frisbee and nearly picked it up, a rush physical force then came upon her. She happened to glanced at some mysterious,sharp-nailed, and dark hooded, pale individuals that were physically confiscating them. Bethany whined before she asked, "Why are you doing this to us? What's your motive?" She didn't get an answer from the ruthless confronters. She then thought she glanced a weirdo in a monstrous body suit of some kind right before a menacing voice supposedly replied, "You're the fit victims for our dominion of disarray." Right then, fortunately but surreally, some spiritual 'fairy-like' beings intruded upon them and got in an ensured conflict with their capturers. One of the invaders, which to simply put it was ethereal & pretty, kindly said to Bethany, "Go." Bethany asked, "Can I get my frisbee down there?" The being was still but Bethany took it as meaning the being tolerance Bethany's desire. So, Bethany picked up the frisbee and swiftly ran out of the woods along with June who tried to grip Bethany's hand. In the process, Bethany and June felt an ethereal sleepy sparkle of forgetfulness overcome them, and when they finally came out of the woods they fell down unconsciously.

Bethany awakened on a blanket with her parents and a couple of other concerned relatives over her. It was now apparently twilight. Bethany saw her bag on a nearby picnic table. Bethany saw June in the same likewise matter laying on a blanket but she technically still was unconscious. Bethany then understood the situation and vaguely remembered what happened. She proceeded to recall what supposedly happened before anyone obviously can asked, "I think me and June were took hostage by thugs. Then some guardian angels saved us. That's all I can generally honestly recall I think." Her audience were dumbfounded, with some of them had raised eyes. Bethany then asked, "What about fireworks? I am looking forward to that fun." She immediately heard a distant firecracker sound and turned to see the exciting start of the fireworks display. So, she for the time being was mostly focused on the fun, colorful, and vibrant fireworks display. Yet, something deep inside of her psyche wondered what mysteriously happened and if the weirdo costumed person was possibly even the local legendary 'batman'.

The End.