The Pryor Fortress Prisoner Bay, 6:00 AM

Kira entered the cell of the Pryor Twins' most recent prisoner; true to her orders, the Biodroids had ensured the room was spotless and that said prisoner was healed up in time. It was clear that he was revived just enough to have feeling in his body, but not much more. The prisoner was forced to stand, but as soon as the two Biodroids let him go he fell backwards. They had to continue holding up as they awaited the precocious businesswoman's orders.

"Sit him down." Kira ordered simply, and the prisoner was practically thrown into what could only be described as a repurposed electric chair. As soon as the Biodroids were down tying him down, the prisoner felt it necessary to finally speak up. "What the fuck are waiting for, you nigger whore?! You've been doing this non-stop for a week now! You aren't gonna get me to renounce the truth! You aren't gonna get me to apologize to that weak cow-" With a solid CLANG!, Kira roughly applied an industrial strength jaw clamp to his defiant prisoner. Her mood lightened just a bit at the man's muffled scream of agony as his jaw was forced shut, and blood began to dribble from the corners of his mouth.

"You know, Keith, I was expecting a member of the U.S Special Forces to be a little more… noble than you are. 11 years of meritorious service, yet the whole time you were a predatory piece of garbage!" Kira's anger exploded forth at that moment as she applied a nose clamp in addition to tightening the jaw clamp further, and the Biodroids noted that for the first time someone not named 'Warwick Goodvibe, Sr.' was on the receiving end of Kira's sheer anger. "You'd have fit in perfectly with our Security Forces, and would have been set for life if you had served the cause faithfully. But then, you showed your true colors. Mia Iglesias, Ashley Hale; those two women did nothing to deserve what you did to them. They were law-abiding citizens." At this, the prisoner began to struggle and emit a muffled rant, but for once abject horror crossed his eyes as Kira showed him a quarter-clamp; Keith felt his spine chill at the sight of this implement, and he'd have crossed his legs in protection if he could.

Kira removed the nose and jaw clamp, to which Keith took a much-needed breath. His lungs burned, but this was nothing compared to the rib-bruising punch one of the Biodroids took the opportunity to levy upon him as Kira continued. "You went after law abiding citizens, held innocent women captive and targeted men with legitimate business and power. If I thought you were capable of higher cunning, I'd say perhaps you WANTED to get caught." Kira was clearly mocking Keith, and he had yet another outburst.

"What the fuck is the point of this?! Just kill me already!" Keith looked about fearfully. "WELL! ANY OF YOU FREAKS COULD DO IT! COME ON!" Keith was starting to wonder why he bothered, as a solid WHACK! sounded over the room when Kira levied her retractable baton to his skull. Keith had just reoriented his senses when Vince had entered the cell.

"Kill you? Eh… Maybe some other time. Right now, I think we should visit your sweet sister in Jasper, Nevada." At the sound of those words, Keith began to snarl, almost in an animalistic way. "Stay away from her, you stupid nig-" Before Keith could finish the slur, Kira had brought her trusted cyber-hammer to bare and pulped the frenzied Neo-Nazi's foot with one swing. "GAAAAAAAAUUGH!" Keith's left 'foot' splattered like an orange, his scream indicating he felt ALL of it.

Vince, at seeing a sexual predator squirm and squeal in his grasp, couldn't help but laugh his characteristic laugh; a dark, mocking laugh that a stronger being emits while tormenting a helpless one. "Ah hahaha! That never gets old." He turned to his Biodroids. "Keep him company, but make sure he's watching at about 5:00 pm. He wanted to see his sister Ann, and we will give him his wish." He turned to Kira.

"We've got some errands in Las Vegas to run." He said, and Kira remembered what her brother was talking about. They set the coordinates, and in a flash they cyberported out of the Fortress, leaving the two tormentors to turn their attention back to the frazzled prisoner.