Spanish Bulls Hideout, Unknown Location just outside Las Vegas, 12:00 Noon

Whichever cartel sold the giant crates of weapons to Bull's broker, they weren't lying; the Hispanic bikers all observed the military-level ordinance and hardware with abject awe.

"Alvarez wasn't kidding." One biker said, observing the goods. "Let's see if these weapons are everything the boss says they are." Another, solidly built Dominican biker said. His partner, a tall and thin Spanish youth, raised his eyebrow incredulously. "Are you calling the boss a liar?!" His shorter yet stockier partner scoffed. "Stop the quejando, and more with the testing." He barked out.

Oh, the complaining was just beginning, as the sound of a man being kicked across the room broke the general silence of the warehouse. As in, the bikers heard it before they saw the door guard being shunted over the weapons crate, falling with a wet-sounding slap on the floor. The collective gasps from the bikers as they jumped to their feet and beheld the assailants almost made the Pryor Twins laugh.

Kira and Vince stood before the outlaws, their sleek powersuits glowing with golden tron-lines indicating that there was more to the dark gray 'jumpsuits' than could be seen. Even if they didn't understand just what it was, the bikers were taking no chances. "The Pryor Twins!" One of them exclaimed, betraying his fear. However, another senior member was less than disturbed. "Are complete dumbasses for showing up alone!" And with that, the one who spoke drew his weapon and started firing at Vince's seemingly exposed lower jaw, which prompted the other Spanish Bulls to follow suit. The twins did not even make an attempt to dodge the storm of bullets. Not until the guns were completely emptied did anyone notice the strange glow that were the bullet-immunity fields around the twins.

Kira simply adjusted her visor and flipped her hair, knocking a casing off her shoulder as she did. "So, whoever is ready to talk, go ahead and step up for me." She said, but this just earned a battle cry from the Bulls as they charged with their knives and any blunt object lying around. Vince went to the left, as Kira jumped to the right, handling their half of the motorcycle club. The contrast between the two prodigal martial artists was on full display here, even though both used a perfect combination of aikido and kung fu as their primary means of dispatching their opponents.

Vince patiently walked around and through his opponents' wild swings and stabs, catching their attacks and returning their attacks with vicious counter throws. This also had the effect of controlling the crowd, as bodies thrown sometimes took out others approaching. The swarm was quickly finding itself being dispersed and forced into a trickle, and once it was Vince was able to handle his opponents in duos and eventually in single encounters with well-placed strikes or even a solid counter throw. There were times where Vince forced two of his opponents to slam into one another, and there were times he needed to move to his hesitating opponents to finish them off.

Kira, meanwhile, acrobatically flipped and dodged over, around and under her opponents, tagging them with sweeps, groin shots and high, solid kicks. She never stayed in one place for too long, never allowed a crowd to pin her down or surround her. At some points, she didn't even have to strike her opponents herself; some of them stabbed or bludgeoned each other trying to get at her. Her opponents eventually didn't want to approach her more than one at a time, for fear that they'd get in each others way and take themselves out for her. Just like Vince, Kira was eventually leaping across the room to tear into her hesitating opponents.

In five minutes, the entire envoy of Spanish Bulls was defeated. All except for one young, trembling new recruit, who wisely attempted to hide when the fighting started. Kira used the zero-point energy beam to lift the young man from behind one of the deactivated conveyor belts and held him about 10 feet off the ground. "Now, where did Sangra put the Blood Scroll?" Kira asked, her voice softening as she brought the handsome young Latino closer. She had switched to a regular stasis beam so as to allow him to speak. Vince cocked one of his proto-cannons, the sound sending chills down the Bull's spine. He did not need to be prompted twice.

"Blood Scroll? You mean the delivery to Mr. Alvarez's Estate, of course." He said, his voice quavering as he realized just how much danger he was in. "He's hiding it in-" The young man's head exploded in explicably mid sentence. At least, at first it was inexplicable. Until the visors on the Pryor Twins went off, showing that they were picking up some serious blood magic readings.

They looked in the direction of the readings, and saw none other than Jose De Sangra himself. To stop the hapless Spanish Bull from spilling the entire location of the hidden Blood Scroll, the Spanish ninja had decapitated him with the greatest of ease. He turned, satisfied that his plan won't be unraveled so soon.

If he thought he was just going to walk away, he was sorely mistaken as Vince fired his zero-point energy beam at him. Jose was caught for just a moment, as his body then evaporated out of Vince's grasp.

"Oh, that's just fantastic," Vince thought as he witnessed someone actually brute force teleport out of what was supposed to be a zero-point energy beam. Not since Empress Fhunrei did a magic user's proficiency in their chosen mysticism override the power of his gadgets. Kira and Vince both were starting to realize that this trip to Vegas might not be as much a breather outing as they'd hoped. Especially as Jose reappeared in front of the twins.

"Go home, kids. My plans are strictly for adults." Jose threatened. Vince simple narrowed his eyes, his words distracting the Spanish ninja from what he and Kira were actually doing. "Alvarez. Do you report to him now?" He demanded, to which Jose's response was to fire a blast of blood energy at the twins.

In short order, both Vince and Kira brought their energy shields to bear, blocking out the energy blast and converting it to power for their suits. Perhaps figuring that was gonna happen, Jose teleport between them. The two just barely avoid a solid split kick from the hemomancer, and they both jump out of melee range to launch about a half dozen shuriken each. Jose simply allows the projectiles to phase through himself, liquefying his body in the process and, using the blood that now covered the shuriken, redirected them to the Pryor Twins. Both twins cyberported closer, and Vince swung his swords at the same time Kira swung her hammer. Like with the shuriken, Jose liquefied himself and phased through the attacks harmlessly. Not missing a beat, Vince threw a punch at the same time Kira threw a kick. And Jose simply caught the moves, and spun, throwing the twins away again.

Switching plans of attack, Kira teleported while Vince launched a few shots from his proto-cannons, the bolts of energy being dodged as Jose closed the distance. Almost as soon as he got in melee range did Kira reappear, slamming her heel into the side of the Spanish shinobi's head as hard as he could, knocking him off balance and sending him rolling. He rolled all the way through, using the momentum to get back to his feet. Vince was upon him in a moment, and Jose was unable to phase through in time to avoid being elbowed in the chin. Before he could take another hit, Jose emitted an explosion of blood energy, but this time the Pryor Twins were ready and braced themselves with their energy shields.

That break in the action was just what he needed, as he used the blood still staining the powersuits to attempt to rip them off the teenagers. His arms strained as he did, but the suits never budged. "Of all theā€¦" Jose said as the suits didn't budge, and he ate an uppercut to the chin from Vince as he tried to forcefully remove Kira's powersuit. Now staggering, Jose attempted to defend himself from both his opponents, but now he found that quite difficult. Kira swept his legs from under him, allowing Vince to rack Jose's belly on his knee as Kira punched him the side of the head.

Before he could take another attack, Jose finally evaporated and got some distance. Both twins continued the pressure, but then, something went horribly wrong. Specifically, the few seconds it took both prodigal martial artists to close the distance were seconds Jose spent to gather the necessary energy. Neither twin was able to move in time as Jose unleashed the Choque De Sangra, and Jose inwardly cursed that he didn't aim for their exposed lower jaws as opposed to center mass. In any case, both twins went flying in two different directions.

The battle won, Jose exhaled. And then seemed to realize just how much the Choque De Sangre took out of him, in addition to energy he and power he expended. His arms throbbed; he had hoped he hadn't broken them both using this attack, but his inability to move them was not a promising sign. Kira and Vince both tried to stand up after a few moments, though pointedly Kira was the first to her feet where Vince failed to stand. Blood dribbled from the teenagers' mouths, indicating at least internal damage. In any case, they weren't fighting any more. Kira pressing a button on her visor told Jose how much time he had.

"Stay out of my way. Both of you." Jose couldn't move his arms. "Next time, I will not be so merciful." He threatened as he liquefied and evaporated out of the warehouse.

Just in time, as a unit of Biodroids teleported into the hideout just as the last of the vapors dissipated.