Chapter 14: Planting a family tree.

When Rainbow got out of the way, Mellissa's shadow less garden appeared as the wind blew the leaves above her, then she looked up and noticed that storm clouds were dropping rain down very slowly.

*Slosh... Slowsh… ... Slowsh.*

*GASP* Mellissa suddenly realized that Bubble must still be freezing time for them by pushing the waterwheel, so she rushed to the exhausted mermaid and announced, "Thank you so very much!"

Bubble lifted her head and looked around so that she could make sure everyone made it safely across the road, then she collapsed into the water with a *SPLASH!*

Suddenly, slow hums that had filled the air became fast squawks and bird whistles and the rain drops that were falling down as slow as it takes paint to dry fell so fast that one could no longer walk carefully through them without getting wet!

"I was watching all the frozen raindrops slowly come down," Sunny told her mother, Amy that evening, "when all of a sudden, I got wet! And it wasn't from Bubble's splash either, It was from up there!"

"AHHH!" Sunny gasped when she watched Bubble fall into the water, then rushed over to ask her, "Are you alright?!"

Bubble lifted her head to look at Sunny, then she put on a tired little smile, let out a breath and dropped deep, down into the water and let the flowing water push her body away.

"She's alright," Mellissa smiled at Sunny as they watched some bubbles rise to the surface, then added, "I guess she does understand English, huh?"

"Bubble really did that?" Sunny asked Mellissa, "Stopped time?" then she looked at the waterwheel and pointed, "The symbols, they really are magic."

'Is that really her name? Bubble?' Mellissa chuckled as Felix and Randy came over to check on things and explained, "Well, she really did stop time," then she walked over to Rainbow and helped the spider cats take down the willow tree from his back and unwrap it, "but I didn't know she had a name."

"Everyone has a name." Randy said, "It describes us, even if that name is Nemo."

Mellissa chuckled, then she watched the spider cats take the willow tree into her secret garden and smiled. "I guess that's where they want us to plant it."

"In your special family tree pot?"

"Hmm," Mellissa smiled, then she turned around to gather composted soil from her garage and remembered that Amy had told her, "It's like a special family tree pot that whatever grows inside will help a dream come tree."

"If the spider cats brought it here," she told herself, "maybe it should go in their special family pot. HaHaHaHaHa"

"Hmm…" Randy was concerned about planting a tree in a clay pot and thought, 'This pot is clay, and this area is way too small. Maybe 6 feet in diameter...' and when Mellissa came back with a wheelbarrow he asked her, "How will its roots grow?"

"Oh," Mellissa took a bag of dirt out of her damp wheelbarrow. "there's holes at the bottom, Amy made sure of that."

She smiled at Randy, Sunny and even Felix because she was happy that they were helping her plant something in her family tree pot, and she even wanted to tell them that, but instead explained, "You know, Bubble isn't like those mermaids in the stories with only one tail,"

"Yeah I know!" Sunny explained, "We first saw her come down the waterfall with bubbles, then Rainbow healed her and she led us underground to here. But I still think it's really strange that she can walk."

"Yeah." Mellissa smiled, "She's not the same kind of mermaid you see in pictures with a fish tail instead of feet, she has feet, they're just kinda… Webbed like her legs, and like her fingers and, everything else." then she told Randy, "That WAS my hoodie I gave her. It's a little unhealthy to be freezing without clothes."

"How about her horns and teeth?" Sunny asked as Felix come over to see what was going on.

"What about them?" Melissa asked Sunny as she put the bag of dirt on the wet ground, "They're just natural."

As Felix tried to help her take some dirt out of the bag, she almost became annoyed and thought, 'Stop that Felix.' and continued, "I just thought that she should wear some clothes if dad was going to take pictures."

Randy thought about Melissa's dad helps him take pictures for his comic books and unthinkingly asked, "He really does photograph these creatures?"

"He's a stock photographer," Melissa started to explain as Randy and Sunny helped her put the tree into the pot, "takes pictures of EVERYTHING," then she started to fill it with dirt and finished her explanation, "interesting things anyways. Interesting photos always sell good."

"So how did we do," Mellissa asked Rainbow as he pushed Randy out of the way to see his new tree, "huh, Sweetie?"


Randy thought he heard something, then he looked up and noticed that Rainbow's horn seemed to be lighting up all of the branches that it touched, "Weren't those just leaves a moment ago?"

Sunny giggled, "Rainbow grows things very FAST!" then she saw how thick his tree in the pot was growing, popped open her eyes and almost blurted out, 'It looks like it's going to burst!'

She then looked around and saw that the inside of the secret garden was also expanding and exclaimed, "Everything's growing bigger!"

"Yeah," Randy answered Sunny, then he looked up at the clouds that were growing even darker and timidly added, "and the clouds are too..."

Suddenly, he watched a bolt of lightning strike in the distance, then watched dragonflies flying around them and he felt like he was being transported in time to when his sister, Amy came back to see him.

"Look how big the tree is now!" Sunny exclaimed as the tree branches started to break through a spider web umbrella that the spider cats were weaving above them, then she heard the

*RRUMMMMBBBBLLLEE~~~ !* (of thunder.)