Previously on I Need a Hero Part 1

Hale Family House, Reno

"WHO IS AFTER YOU?" Jonathan bellowed as he shook Ashley's shoulders. "ASHLEY! WHO IS AFTER YOU?!"

"STOP IT!" Sarah pushed her husband away and wrapped her arms gently around her hysterical elder daughter. "Ashley, who is this person?"

"JONES!" Ashley screamed. "He… knows where I live. He knows everything! He said he will send someone up here to finish the job. I saw a car watching me."

Reno City Limit

Oscar's hand trembled with rage as he held a photograph of Ashley, the witch who caused the death of his friend. Keith would get the justice he deserved. He was no criminal. He was a hero. And his death would be avenged no matter what the cost. Then he would return home to Jasper to face Brian and the others, knowing he had avenged the death of a White brother by killing the harlot responsible.

"Wait for me Keith." Oscar's tall, muscular frame boiled with righteous anger. "Your death will be avenged, brother."

Grandmama's House, Las Vegas

Joe reached under the bed to grab it and noticed a square piece of paper underneath. Pulling it out, he saw it was a photograph. He turned it over to the other side- and gasped.

It was a photo- of himself and a certain short-haired, olive skinned Hispanic woman in Central Park together. It was their last photograph together. But why was it here? Unless…

"Grandmama, what is this photo doing here?" Joe showed the elderly lady the photograph of himself and Mia in Central Park in winter.

Grandmama waddled over to the photo, squinting at it. "Oh, my goodness! Is that you Joseph to the right?" She stared with an equally stunned look.

"Mia and I went to the same high school together! Was she here, Grandmama?" Joe asked urgently.

"Y-yes! She actually lives up in Reno!" Grandmama laughed. "Wait here till Grandmama grab the phonebook." She waddled off to her room where she soon returned with a phone book of numbers and addresses.

Mia and Daisy's Apartment, Reno

"Hello?" Daisy smiled as she answered the phone.

"Hi!" A deep, powerful voice, clearly from a Black man greeted. "I'm looking for someone named Mia Iglesias."

Daisy jumped a little. It was only a week after her ordeal at Vegas and a complete stranger was calling them? She hoped it wasn't related to this Jones individual Mia was with.

The voice continued in a softer tone. "I'm an old friend of hers. We went to high school together. Is she here right now?"

The toilet flushed and Mia stepped out of the restroom. "Daisy, who is it?"

Daisy took her ear off the phone. "Someone claiming to be your friend from high school."

Mia frowned in confusion. "High school? Is it a woman?" The only woman Mia could think of from her high school days that would call her like this was Misha. How did Misha know her home phone number?

Daisy shook her head. "No, it's a man. He sounds Black."

"Black?" Mia frowned. Who could it be?

"Hello?" The male voice boomed again.

Daisy gave the phone to Mia.

"Yes, this is Mia. Who is this?" Mia asked. There was silence.

"Hello?" Mia said again.

"It's been a long time, Mia." The voice said.

Mia's eyes widened in shock. That voice.

"Mia, it's me."

The voice paused a second before continuing.

"It's Joe Franklin."