He opened the door for her, "After you, milady." He bowed, a few kernels of popcorn spilled from the bucket in his arms.

"Thank you," Geneve said, she walked in and stopped, looking around. The theater looked about half-full. She pointed to a seat two rows down from the top. "How about there?"

"Oh no. You can't get a good view from there. Let's go down here." He lead the way to a pair of seats in the center row. "This is better. The view is good and the sound mix is perfect."

"You're sure?" she asked, pushing lightly.

"I've done all the research." He said confidently, striding down the aisle.

Definitely immune, she thought. Oh well, not like I haven't dealt with it before. She followed him to the center of the row.

"Darling, don't leave me! How can you leave me?" The woman on the screen sobbed, reaching for the man.

"I must." The man said, his lantern jaw set and firm, "The sea calls me." He shouldered his bag and strode down the dock without a backwards glance.

Leaning over, Geneve rested her head against Kyle's shoulder. He put his arm around her. He's..., she searched for a word, comfortable. That's it. Haven't felt that in a long time. He's not trying to do anything. Usually I'm headed for the back seat of a car almost as soon as we finish saying Hello. But this one? He hasn't said anything. He even paid for my ticket. Amazing.

She turned her head to look at him. He smiled back and shook the popcorn bucket at her. She shook her head no and turned back to the screen where the hero was confronting his enemies for the last time. Finally, he grabbed the woman, taking her in his arms. Explosions went off around them and dissolved into fireworks over a wedding. They kissed, the credits rolled, and people in the theater began to stand up and gather their things.

Kyle walked with her to the front of the building. They stopped just outside the front doors. "Do you want to get dinner?" he asked.

"Thanks, but I should be getting home."

"Oh." he looked dismayed. "Aren't you hungry? You didn't have any popcorn."

I am. "Oh, that?" She laughed lightly, and waved dismissively. "I have a lot of allergies. I've got kind of limited diet."

"Oh, good." he chuckled, "I was afraid for a minute there that you didn't like me." He paused. "So, would you like to go out again sometime? Maybe next week?"

"That sounds good."

"I'll give you a call, OK?"


They started walking. "Would you like a ride home?"

So I'll have to wait for you to leave, so I can go out again? "That's all right. I'll take the train."

"I'll walk you to the station."

Damn, can't ditch him yet. Geneve smiled and they started walking.

"I'll call you tomorrow." he said, as they approached the turnstile.

"I can't wait." she replied, and walked through.

"Oh, hang on." he said suddenly, "I need to show you something."

She turned back to face him. He took her hand and pulled her over the bar. Floundering, she put her other hand on the post to keep from falling over. He kissed her.

"Good night." he said, breaking the kiss and letting go.

Geneve blinked, shocked. "Um. Good night." She didn't move.

There was a rumble overhead as the train pulled in. "You better go." He said, grinning.

"What? Oh. Yeah." She turned and ran.

Shit, she thought, climbing the stairs and dodging people coming down, I haven't felt like that since... The train doors closed in her face. Shit.

She walked over to a bench and sat down. Too much going on, she thought. That crazy boy across the street, Gil, Kyle... Just too much going on. Need to clear my head. A distant rumble grew in volume as the next train arrived. She stood up. Also I'm hungry. The doors opened and she got on. She stared out the window without seeing anything, as the train rattled and swayed and pulled into the next station. Geneve got off and walked down the stairs.

The one good thing about this city, she thought, is that there's a bar on every corner. She walked up the street until she saw a sign that said "Polly's Pub." Another sign, painted on the side of the building said "Join us for Karaoke Tuesdays! Please do not disturb the neighbors when you leave." Case in point. She pulled the door open and walked inside.