13-year-old Faith Booth goes to London, England for the summer to get to know her maternal family better. Also, her best friends, *Ginger Chirohiro*, *Nadine Lyndon*, and *Jessie Gomez* join along. On her birthday, Faith took some time to herself in order to clear her head. she sees a baby griffin with her tail trapped in a rock. After freeing her, the griffin acidentally bites her and gives her special Griffin Powers.

Realizing that she and Dorothy had a common interest in comic books and superheroes, they decided to be a superhero team known as, "The Griff Gals".



Faith Booth a. k. a Griffin Girl- The leader of The Griff Gals who has griffin instincts.

Ginger Chirohiro a .k. a Rubyhane- The nice one of The Griff Gals who has fairy instincts.

Nadine Lyndon a. k. a Merazul- The smart one of The Griff Gals who has fairy instincts.

Jessie Gomez a. k. a Centauremerald- The brave one of The Griff Gals who has centaur instincts.

Dorothy Hart a. k. a Diamondnix- The pretty one of The Griff Gals and Faith's maternal cousin, who has phoenix instincts.

Makenzie Hart- Faith's maternal aunt and Dorothy's mom, who co-runs a successful insurance company.

Winston Hart- Faith's maternal uncle and Dorothy's father, who co-runs a successful insurance company.

Donovan Hart- Dorothy's younger brother, whom has a huge crush on Centauremerald.

Joanna Hart- Dorothy's infant sister.

Terrance- Dorothy's faithful butler/chauffer, who is aware on the girls' secret.

Noel- The Hart's valet who always snoops on people.

Belen- The Hart's maid.

Selah- A griffin who believes in The Heskelter Warriors.


Prince Hardry- The prince of the Heskelter Tribe who's in search of his younger sister.


Henley Grant a. k. a Millionhairs- A hair-themed villainess who vows vengance for family's hair care company for going out of buisness

Adrien Kyles a. k. a Hair N'Tairs- Millionhairs' nervous-wreck right hand man.