Summary and Prologue.

In ancient China, there is a law. Half of the girls between the ages of 18 and 21 that are not married or betrothed will be summoned to the Jade Palace on the bank of the Yellow River. There, for two months they must fight for the emperor, and for their lives, in the Dragon Games. The number of winners are determined by the number of princes, one bride for each heir. This year there are only three.

Mei Zhou is 15 years old and living in one of the many small river villages with her family. When her family receives the notice that her eldest sister Daiyu must fight in the Dragon Duels her life is torn apart. Right before the guards come to pick Daiyu up, Mei locks her parents and sister in the house and takes her sister's place in the Duels.

Li Jie Heng is the eldest of the three princes whom Mei and the other girls are fighting for. However, he hates being born a royal and wants nothing more than to escape the confines of the palace and free. Then he escapes the palace and accidentally knocks over a young girl who is well trained in the art of knives. Worlds collide as he is made to watch Mei fight and barely escape with her life every time.

There, with only her throwing knives, Mei spends two months fighting for her life. However with another of the girls there, Zhen Chiang, she forges a shaky truce. She has two months to show that despite being a girl she can fight for her life, and maybe the lives of others.


When all was dark. When the stars were new. When day was a mere idea, the dragons ruled the world. Until man discovered the things they could do and started to hunt. To kill those creatures was a sign of great strength and so the killers took the name of Dragon King and Dragon Queen.