Intro Trope part 1

Beware: I don't know what I'm doing

It was a normal day at Trope High School...

Although normal in T.H.S is not what most people would consider normal in a normal school, after normal in T.H.S can mean everything from maniacal laughter to a semi productive day at school which is not normal in a highschool(best to the author's knowledge). Sadly T.H.S has sacrificed many things (logic and grammar may have been sacrificed, the characters' and the author's sanity certainly was one of the things sacrificed, probably the first to be sacrificed too).

"Achoo! Darn it the plot must be starting..." Odden lifted his head off his desk. At that moment Odden suddenly realized he was sitting in the middle of the classroom next to the window and now realized that he was now, unfortunately, the protagonist of this story. "This isn't going to end well for me", Odden thought, as he finally decided to pay attention to what his teacher, Edic was saying. "Seems like he's still ranting about attack squirrels... wait what?" Odden was slightly confused as what was happening as just 10 minutes ago he remembered the teacher to be discussing the tactical uses of a rubber ducky. Odden turned his head and went to ask his friend Rune what happened in the last 10 minutes. "Hey Rune", he whispered, "Why is Mr. Edic ranting about attack squirrels again?"

Rune turned her head to face Odden and replied: "Someone mentioned the word acorn while Mr. Edic was telling us how birds were government drones used to spy on us."

"What? How did we get to discussing birds in the first place and why did someone say acorn" Odden asked, now more confused than before.

Behind him, a familiar voice said: "Because plot reasons and someone mentioned a swan or something."

Rune and Odden turned around and asked: "Archial aren't you here aren't you supposed to be in a different class?"

Archial sheepishly replied, "Mr. Edden fainted after he forgot that he needed to breathe in order to function, and he always forgets to breathe after you manage to get him to rave about how it was like back in his days..."

"All our teacher are nutty", Odden muttered, "They're so nutty I've forgotten what subject this class is supposed to talk about! Do you remember Rune?"

"All of us literally forgot on day 1 and no one wants to find out because we're all either too scared to ask or too lazy..." Rune replied, " Shouldn't you already know this Odden?".

"Well, I'm sorry that I suddenly got an extremely convenient case of amnesia so I can ask you questions, in order for you to spout exposition to me so we can advance the plot." Odden deadpanned.

"Exactly... What?" Rune asked.

"What," Odden replied.

"What," Archial asked...

AN. First time writing

Feel free to criticize

Like I said I don't know what I'm doing