Intro Trope part 2

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Beware: Still don't know what I'm doing

"Ok this is the perfect place to start our antagonist meeting," a mysterious voice said. "Whatever you say boss," someone nonchalantly replied.

"Silence minion! Do you know how hard it is to find an empty classroom in the middle of the day when everyone is in class, and then sneak out of class! There are things that even I, the Notorious Nivel, will find difficult!" Nivel exclaimed with a huff.

"Not really, Mr. Edden was unconscious when we left you know," Nivel's bored paused for a moment before continuing, "I was also under the impression that the school was relatively empty because the author is too lazy to make this school be like an actual, functioning, normal high school."

"What? What do you mean this school isn't like a normal school?" Nivel asked. Suddenly maniacal laughter followed by sounds of objects being broken filled the school. "Ok, I retract my previous statement about this school being normal but I'm pretty sure it's a functioning school…"

Nivel's Minion simply raised an eyebrow and asked Nivel, "When was the last time we were taught something normal or useful in this school? I don't think we even have a math or English class."

Nivel just glared at his minion, angry at him for questioning him, before replying, "Last time I checked this was the antagonist meeting," Nivel proceeded to point at a blackboard with ANTAGONIST MEETING written in big rainbow(what lol) letters then continued, "Not a school board meeting." After that statement, Nivel took off his black robe (he got it from his father who works at a part-time job of being a disposable minion) to reveal….. A very very black set of leather clothes?

"Boss I don't want to be mean but why are you wearing a black set of leather clothes?" Nivel's minion sweat dropped.

"This attire was specifically designed to contrast Odden's attire which is mostly white, so I will wear black." Nivel (proudly?) proclaimed.

Taken back by his boss's proclamation he pondered at his boss's words before asking, "Odden has black hair, are you going to dye your hair white?"

"Wait Odden has black hair?"

"Yeah, how do you not know that? You literally stalk I mean happen to see Odden every day!"

"Lazy writing."

At that statement, the author sweat dropped and suddenly realized that he'll have to do something about these 4th wall breaks or else he's going to have to start describing what his characters look like. So the author decided to take away Nivel's 4th wall hammer for the rest of the chapter.

"Well If I had to choose between looking like a reject anime character and giving a crap about symbolism I'll choose the latter," Nivel stated.

"Then why are you wearing black leather clothes if you don't care about symbolism?" Nivel's Minion questioned. Nivel just simply glared at his minion, almost like if by glaring extra hard at his minion, he'll stop making valid points.

"Whatever, so what are we doing for our evil plan master?" Nivel's minion muttered, not caring about his master's strange choice of attire anymore.

Nivel, now glad that his minion got off his back about his attire, gestured towards his minion to follow him, and exclaimed, "Follow me!" and jumped out the window. Suddenly Nivel realized that the window he jumped out of was 11 stories high.

"I could have sworn that this school was only 2 stories high and the classroom we were in was on the first floor," Nivel thought as he fell down to the ground, screaming profanities down the whole way. When Nivel finally crashed to the ground, the noise it made was heard all the way to the next chapter.

Little did Nivel know that the author was still mad at him for breaking the 4th wall 7 paragraphs before so he decided to make the floor he was on and the school a lot taller for this scene.

Feel free to criticize me I guess.