Prologue "The End starts with the beginning"

Year 2046

*Busy L.A. Streets at night Noises*

*taxi door shuts*

Narrator: This is Jack Von Draven Age 20, a transfer student from a small orphanage

in germany who was in his guardians very own words "a very fast learner, Quick witted and as strong as they come

but a major otaku and quite lazy to boot". He is on his way to become a great student absorbing everything

he is shown but when it comes to books and studying he lack in the interest department... But he always knew that he was

destined for something greater, but little did he know it would cost him everything!

Jack: Well today couldn't get any worse...

*it starts to rain*

Jack: I just had to say it didn't i.

*Lady screams in the distance*

Jack: what was that "runs towards the screams"

Narrator: As jack runs down a dark rainy alleyway he gets the feeling somethings not right.

Jack: What is this feeling i'm getting, its like im in the sun but its so cloudy and rainy i can barley see anymore,

as a matter a fact i cant see anything anymore. Where did all this fog come from, wait what is that light.

Narrator: Jack walks through the fog towards the light, the closer he gets the more the fog clears until...


Narrator: little did jack know he's world was about to be changed FOREVER!

Jack: what is this place, Where am i... whats going on. I was just in the city and now i'm in a jungle!

*Lady screams in the distance*

Jack: Wait was that the same scream from before, doesn't matter it sounds like someone is in trouble!

Narrator: Jack runs off to see whats going on as he run's he see's a young women with 2 men in armor and a small

group of what look to be bandits?

Jack: whats going on? men in armor and those guys totally fit the bandit stereotype... let me pinch myself to make sure

im not dreaming *pinch*... well i'm not dreaming as far as i can tell, what should i do...

Frantic Lady: Why are you doing this, is it money you want.

Bandit Chief: You'll never know after we take care of your last 2 guards your next little miss princess!

Guard 1: stay back mi'lady we will protect you.!

Jack: Mi'lady? what is this some fantasy fairytale from the 2000's?

Beastman 1: enough talk lets just get this over with, im starving! *attacks*

Bandit 3,4,5 and 6: Lets get'em!

Bandit Chief: i think ill let you guys handle this measly bunch.. ha ha ha.

Guard Captain: Get My'lady to safety, i will hold them!

Guard 1: SIR.. lets go Mi'lady we cant stay here any longer!

Frantic Princess: no we cant leave Walter behind we just cant.

Guard 1: Mi'lady we will both die if we stay here i cannot allow you to parish, now please let us go?!

Jack: Man what should i do i came all the way here to see if i could help but, wait a sec...

this is how those old manga my dad left always started. NO WAY. "HAVE I BEEN TRANSPORTED TO ANOTHER WORLD".

Narrator: Jack didn't know it but he was being watched from afar with some unknown device.

Hooded figure: He figured it out that quick, we got us a real gem here let us watch his actions a bit longer before we judge him.

Jack: i gotta do something or the old dude and the other two are goners.

Guard Captain: if you think i'm a mere captain you are mistaken "fireball"!

Bandit 4: watch out *shoves bandit 2 out of the way* ARRRGGG *DEAD*

Bandit 2: Nooo, you'll pay for that old man...

Jack: what did he just use.. maybe i could... "He thought about about throwing a rock, and to his surprise rock started

flying at the bandits so fast he couldn't see them"

Bandit 3: let ge... "knocked out"

Bandit 4: what th... "knocked out"

Bandit 6: The hell is tha.. "blocks the rock with his axe" whos out there show yourself!

Bandit 2: Watch out behind you!

Captain Vrook: you really should keep your eyes on the person in front of you *kills Bandit 6*

Bandit 2: Damn it... ill get you for this! *Throws a smoke bomb and runs away*

Guard Captain: feeewwwww.. that's over now. who ever you are you can come out now?

Jack: "nervously walks out from behind a tree" "nervous laughter" so you noticed me did you?

Guard Captain: who are you and why are you out in these woods so far from town? (thinking...Judging by his cloths he is not

from around here?)

Jack: ummm im not to sure myself at the moment "nervous laughter".?

Guard 1: Sir?! are you ok?

worried princess: oh Walter... are you hurt are you ok what's going on who is this?

Guard Captain: i thought i told you two to run?!

Guard 1: we did but then we ran into Sir Gilmund!

Sir Gilmund: i see you survived my little ambush princess Morganna. *stabs Guard 1 in the back*

Chapter END