chapter 1 "Start of a new life"

Sir Gilmund: i see you survived my little ambush princess Morganna. *stabs Guard 1 in the back*

Princess morganna: Sir Gilmund what are you doing?

Guard Captain: SIR GILMUND! what is the meaning of this?!

Jack: (thinking...what do i do now this guy looks way to tough for me to fight, i gotta do something or i'm gonna die here and i don't even know where here is)

Sir Gilmund: oh my i wounder what your daddy would've done if he could've seen me about to strike you down to bad he's dead! aaahahahahahahaha

Princess Morganna: Dead?! no that cant be he was so strong and kind... NOOOO!

Guard Captain: So you where the one behind the coup d'etat at the capitol?!

Sir Gilmund: hahahah sadly no, i was not the mastermind behind that grand plan... no alas i was only an instrument

in "HIS" divine plan where only the strong survive and the weak parish a TRUE utopia!

Guard Captain: and who exactly is "HE"?!

Sir Gilmund: it wont matter soon any ways since you will both be dead.. wait who (Jack) is this i've never seen cloths like that before oh well ill get to you in a moment..

*starts attacking walter*

Jack: "thinking, if only there were some way i could help fight instead of just stand here"

Guard 1: *coughs blood* whoever you are please he... *cough* help the princess and cap... *cough* captain?

Jack: but how i don't have anything to fight this guy?

Guard 1: take my sword its been in my family fo... *cough* generations and i was the last... *cough* please Sav... *DEAD*

Jack: *picks up sword* its surprisingly light for the way it looks what the... "swords changes shape from common strait sword to greatsword" what the hell

its still so light *princess screams*

Narrator: a Couple seconds before

Guard Captain: you'll never get away with this when we reach Cornell you'll pay for this, you and all of your cohorts.

Sir Gilmund: *long evil laugh* you wont be reaching Cornell I'll make sure of that... *stabs Walter*

Princess Morganna: *screams*

Jack: *starts running towards Gilmund greatsword at the ready* i hope this works..

wait can i use that speed i did to get here?

Narrator:(Jacks Flashback to when he got to this strange land)

Jack: I feel weird what is this intense sensation its like fire is running through my veins, and i can hardly breath but someone is in trouble and i cant just leave them

i gotta help, whoaaaa... *boost speed* the heck did i just do?

Narrator:(back to the present)

Sir Gilmund: your finished *evil chuckle* "gets ready to kill walter"

Jack: *fly's behind Gilmund* "i don't think so" *Swings greatsword and impales Gilmund*

Sir Gilmund: Aggh *cough up blood* yo..u Bastard wh..o are you *cough*

Jack: I'm Jack, but thats doesnt matter now does it. *kills Gilmund*... im sorry

Guard Captain and princess morganna: *gasp*

Guard Captain: (thinking to himself) Who is this young man, he used Physical magic and wind magic?!

princess Morganna: oh Walter are you alright? let me see your wound... "Greater Heal" *walter wound starts healing you can see the skin pull itself back together*

Guard Captain: thank you Mi'lady, and you young man thank you for your support, but who are you.

Jack: Names Jack von Draven, but you can just call me jack... anyways who are you guys and more importantly where am i?

Captain walter: Well met, Jack i am Captain Walter Vrook And this is princess Morganna Ava Calabal 2nd princess of

the Calabal Empire.

princess Morganna: are you wounded at all?

Jack: No, thank you im completely unscathed... so what is this place?

Captain Vrook: this is the Coli jungle near the border of the cornell Republic.

Jack: Ya i still have no idea where that is or were i am?

Captain Vrook: (thinks to himself) this young man is strange he claims he doesn't know where he is but

he seems to know his way around a weapon from our country.

Captain Vrook: young man could i ask a favor of you?

Jack: well... i guess.

Captain Vrook: if you wouldn't mind, would you be willing to escort me and the princess to the cornell republic.

princess Morganna: Walter we cannot ask him to accompany us its to dangerous!?

Captain Vrook: Mi'lady i cant protect you alone and he seems a very capable warrior, young man can we see your status badge?

Narrator: Status badges are essentially identification badges that read your stats and personal information.

Jack: Status badge?

Captain Vrook: Ya your identification Badge?

Jack: i don't think i have one... *shuffles in pocket and find identification badge* wow i didn't have this before.

you mean this?

Captain Vrook: Yes, may i see it?

Jack: I guess, here you go

Captain Vrook: Lets see here, whhaaaaaaaaaaaa!?


Authors Note: this is only the beginning of the story i have written i hope to publish the full story into either an Manga(but i can't draw) or a light novel!