The 100th

In the year of 2017, a major virus broke out. It started in the Netherlands, Amsterdam. The authorities are confused; the world is in a state of chaos. The government was a little too late in implementing the quarantining of the said place, and the virus spread up to South Africa and the borderline of India. The WHO couldn't find a cure fast enough before it reached Switzerland and thus, the world was left with no hope. That is, until the Cryonics Institute had an idea. The idea is this:

You will be frozen for a hundred years with our cryopreservation method. We need a hundred volunteers for this experiment. We will preserve you for the future. You will be our hope, and only chance. Carry on the human genes, and survive for us.

Of course, a lot of people are desperate and devastated. But a lot of people are also skeptical. They're not sure if they're ready to leave their families behind, or wait for a cure. And I, Vera Celestinia, whose relatives, parents and lover are nonexistent, decided to sign up for cryopreservation. 'I have nothing to lose' or so I thought.

The process was pretty simple; I signed up online, and proceeded to Cryonics institute in Russia. Good thing the virus hasn't spread up until here yet. They were able to quarantine India, Finland and Ukraine where the virus is apparent. So far, the Russian people are safe; a lot are locked in their homes, due to the media giving civilians a panic scare. Nobody dares to step outside except for the others daring to steal even more food from near empty supermarkets, everyone is scared and the streets are empty. I step out in my normal clothes of shorts and a t-shirt, with my boots. I start the engine of my car and head to Cryonics Institute.

To my surprise, the building looks so modern, White, towering walls, with glass windows; I'm thinking they're tinted, since I cannot see inside. I park my car and proceed to the entrance, the automatic doors greet me rather coldly, and inside, I saw a woman dressed in white beside the counter table, nothing strange about her, except that she's wearing long sleeves, slacks, and a face mask. Almost as if she's trying to hide the fact that she's covered from head to toe by wearing normal concealing clothes. I pay no more mind to her and as I walk towards her she recognizes my presence with a nod. "Are you a volunteer?" I nod back. "Please take the elevator on the leftmost side, and go up to the 27th floor. You will be given instructions from there." Underlying suspicions stir inside me and I consider backing out. But I remember that I got nothing to lose anymore, so I start walking to the left. The building is almost creepy, it's covered in white and blue, like it's supposed to be clean, untouched. I wonder if my shoes are making dirt marks on the floor, as I start to check, something glitters in my rear vision. I walk towards it and find a very small, metallic like tube. It's got no opening; I shake it to see if it has contents. From the sound of it, it looks like it got some liquid inside. I put it in my pocket. I press up for the elevator and it opens. I press 27 just like the lady said. The elevator is covered in white just like the interior of the building, with a lone security camera staring at me. The elevator beeps, signaling that I'm in my destination.

I step out of the elevator, and what greets me is a glass automated door that opens to a laboratory of some sort, there are huge computer-like machines and tons, about a 100 cryogenic chambers, and in a line are people who seemed to have volunteered like me. A man in white science lab coat went near me and spoke, "Are you a volunteer too?" He asks, and leads me inside the lab without waiting for an answer. I step in line, along with the other 99 volunteers and we are shown a display of Netherland. Projected on screen is the grotesque view of people running away from homes, destroyed cars, fires, and…them. The hideous beasts, a lot of people call it with different names, devil spawns, mutants, zombies; I call them the Cursed Ones. They're once people who've been affected by the virus, and have transformed into hideous beings that only seek to destroy humankind. They gnaw your insides out, and beneath their sharp nails and teeth is the virus. It kills your brain and makes your heart stop giving blood to your vital organs; however the parasite that grows inside you keeps you almost, almost like an alive, breathing person. Except that you're not. You're dead, only seeking the strong urge to transfer the parasite, keep it living, like you're protecting it. Even though all it does is kill you.

The scientist explains this all to us in a calm, almost robotic manner. We all know this, of course. Everyone just looks rather distressed; they don't seem to be listening. The scientists tell us that we won't feel anything as soon as we step inside the chamber. That we just need to trust them, it won't hurt. It's like soothing a child before an injection. Men in blue suits come near each one of us, holding what seems like a stamp. "Hold still, volunteers, we will be stamping you a number code, and this will be like your SSID, this is the number of the chamber you will be put in." The man beside me raises my shirt without asking for permission and plants the stamp. I was startled, but the ink came out rather perfectly. We are told to undress and given a bathrobe.

"What if we die in the process..?" I hear a woman say, this causes murmurs among the volunteers. How silly. I didn't come in here to live. I came here to die. Whether I wake up or not doesn't matter. The virus will eventually take over the world, I don't have anyone else, and so I'd rather die. And if I'm going to die, I'd rather die in the most painless way.

The crowd hushes as we are all told to step inside the chamber. I hear some volunteers running away and backing out. As the crowd loses about ¼ of its participants, the scientists announce once more. "We understand if you want to back out, but those who want to continue, please step in the chamber." The remaining volunteers went silent, and we all stepped inside the chamber. I felt a small needle prick my skin, it was from the guy in the blue suit from before, and before I could react, I started feeling really sleepy and the last thing I saw was the glass door of the chambers closing in before me.

I wish I had at least someone to say Goodbye to.

The first thing I noticed when I woke up is that it's damn cold. I feel numb. It felt like there's water on my eyelids. I flutter my eyes open, my vision is blurry but slowly it adjusts, and I see the remnants of my cryogenic chamber, the glass shards are broken outside. Like somebody tried to pull the glass out in a desperate manner. It was really dark, with only the light of the huge computer machine in the center of the room as the light source. I see my previous clothes on the floor, they're wrapped in what looks like saran wrap. I step out of the chamber to reach for it. But as soon as I do that, I tumble and fall, my hands and feet feel numb, and I fall face down. The glass shards made some cuts to my skin but I couldn't feel the pain. I look around and see an empty lab. Only the empty, broken glass chambers like mine are present, with the giant computer screen in the middle illuminating only what I can see. There's no sign of human presence. It took me a good 15 minutes to finally be able to move my body and dress into my weirdly clean clothes. Is this really 100 years from now?

The computer screen says, "Experiment: Success. Automated chamber release: On. Congratulations, survivors. What would you like to do with this terminal? Commands, Advanced tools, Exit." It says in yellow green font.

What happened to the world? I have to find out. I muster all my strength and stand up, heading towards the door. As I turn the knob, a chilling feeling overwhelms me. I opened the door and a blinding light overcame me.