Beach Field Trip

This should be a simple trip. Just a nice day at the beach. Just relax and enjoy the day. The bus pulled up into the parking lot. Noiz walked off the bus like a diva. She had been looking forward to this for days. The staff all planned this together. Summer was coming up, so why not?

Noiz turned to see the class and staff walking off after her. She broke into a huge smile and clapped her hands together.

"We're here!" she said. "Remember the rules, stay safe, and…" The class and staff all groaned. Noiz put up her hand and waited. Everyone got quiet.

"And have fun," she said.

"Yay!" everyone cheered. The students all ran past her. Noiz whirled around with her hands in the arm.

"Slow down everyone!" she screamed. They were too far away to hear her. The kitty threw back her head and groaned.

"Whatever," she muttered. The kitty ran to catch up with her class.

This was going to be a simple trip today. Of course, there was going to something educational. Noiz rolled her eyes. Really? Did that one parent have to go and ruin everything? No matter. They were going to enjoy the hell out of this trip. Noiz removed her towel from her waste and ran down to the water. The cool wetness felt good against her skin. Some of the women sat on the sand, reading.

"Look what I brought!" T.J. shouted. He held a huge watermelon above his head. The students looked up with big eyes. Noiz whistled aloud.

"My that's pretty melon!" she shouted.

"I've got the bat!" Tony yelled with a baseball bat above his head. The students ran over and crowded around. Noiz walked out of the water over to the crowd. Who was going to take the first whack? Brooke raised her hand up in the air.

"I've got it!" she shouted.

"Come up," T.J. said. Brooke walked up with a smile on her face. Tony held out the blindfold. She tied it around her eyes. T.J. handed her the bat and turned her around. One. Two. Three! He gave her a push forward. The readers had to look up and watch. Brooke wobbled over to the giant melon in the sand. She had the bat raised above her head.

"You can do it!" Katie shouted. Brooke took the first swing.


That was one miss. She took another swing.


Three more times led to a cracking sound.


Brooke smirked to herself and took another whack.

Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham!

Red juice flew everywhere. T.J. had to grab the bat.

"I think you've had enough there," he said. Brooke let go of the bat and removed the blindfold. Brooke caught a good look at her carnage and smiled.

"Who wants to eat up this lovely carnage?" Tony asked. The students rushed over to the busted melon. T.J. held out his arms.

"There's more where that came from!" he shouted. His laughter touched the sky. Noiz smiled as she turned back to the ocean. They would know where to find her if they needed her. She closed her eyes and got lost in the sea air and the seagulls singing in the sky.


Noiz screamed as she whipped around. Andi grinned at her and splashed her again. The kitty playfully put her hands on her hips.

"You!" she shouted. Noiz splashed the Russian woman back. Andi laughed and joined into the water war. Both women laughed and kept splashing until they tired out. Noiz lays on the water and smiled up at the sky. She reached up towards the bright sun high above. The kitty giggled to herself.

"We're going to have to do this again next year," Noiz said to herself.

"Yes!" Andi shouted. The kitty smiled and shook her head. She just let the beach take her mind away.

Day a the Beach