The Legend of Angg

One day, a bunny was born. When he opened his eyes, he was in a room filled with other bunnies like him. He made friends, the room is comfy, even though it is packed with a lot of other bunnies like him. He never runs out of food and water. He lived a happy, content life. However deep down, he longed for something more. An adventure, perhaps? Somewhere outside this tiny room filled with his bunny friends. The days went by peacefully, until one of his friends vanished.

Nobody knows where his friend went, his friends never came back, and as days pass by, his friend became a forgotten three sunsets, another one of his friends disappeared, and another, and another. Until there's only ten of them left. He wonders where all his friends disappear to. Are they exploring the world outside of this room? He wonders. One afternoon, he was eating peacefully when a claw grabbed him from behind. He struggled to break free but the grip was so strong. None of his friends noticed him. He was so scared and he regrets everything. He just wants to go back to his friends. The claw put him in a dark cramp room with two little windows. He peeks out of the window and hears voices. He cannot understand them though. The room began rocking back and forth and this continued for a long time, up and down, just like his heartbeat.

After a long time of trying not to throw up, the door to the sky, or the room opens. And a titan looks down on him. He cowers, afraid. He tried to dig, to hide but there is nowhere to run. "Don't be afraid, little guy. I won't hurt you. I'll take care of you." He looks up to the titan and the room opens, revealing a huge, unfamiliar world. "From now on, you will be called, Angg." One of the titan's claws touches his forehead, he flinches but the titan's claws feel nice and warm.

The titan would call him "Angg", and the titan let him explore the big world. Angg has never been this excited! He hops around and smells everything. Sometimes, the titan would try to stop him if he's going somewhere. At first, he would try to run away, but soon he realises that the titan is just guiding him. "This is my room, you can run around and play as much as you want." Angg looked up at the titan and wished he could play more, but he is exhausted and hungry. He wonders where the food is. He just lays down at a cool corner when the titan approaches him, seemingly worried. "Are you okay? Are you thirsty? Here." The titan gives him a metal disk of some sort. But I don't want this, I want food and water. Angg thought. He tries to throw the disk away, "No, this is water, Angg, don't be afraid. Drink it." He looks at the disk again and realises it is indeed, water. He drinks from it and the friendly titan gives him food as well. The titan seemed to get a bit mad though, whenever he poops. They played all day and all night, and Angg slowly learns the way of the world.

However, one day, the titan's face seems sour. Angg slowly learns that the titan's name is approaches Aille and bumps her nose to her leg. Aille smiles and Angg feels happy as well. Afternoon comes and Aille picks up Angg. Are they going on an adventure? Angg asks, but Aille doesn't puts him in the same black crampy room with two windows. Only this time, Angg isn't scared at all! Aille taught him how to be brave! And how fun the world is. The room was rocking back and forth again. When it stopped, Aille opened the door and Angg tried to climb out. "No, Angg. You have to stay there until your new owner comes." Angg is confused. What does the new owner mean? Aille looks like she's in pain. Angg rests his head to her claws. "I'm sorry. I'm the one who took you away from your friends. And now, I'm going to sell you to someone else." Angg is even more confused than before. She took him away from his friends? What does she mean by sell? Angg is scared now, what is Aille saying? Another titan this time this titan doesn't smell good. Angg doesn't like the new titan. The new titan gives Aille papers and Aille gives Angg to the new titan. He struggles to break free, to go back to where Aille is. He breaks free and hops to Aille's claw.

"You have to go." Aille says as she hands him to the new titan. Angg doesn't understand, he doesn't want to leave, but the new titan's grip keeps him in place. He cries but Aille doesn't seem to care. Why? Why did Aille give me away? She gave me courage, and taught me so many things. Why did Aille leave me? Angg asks as he is taken away to a new room, alone and in despair.

"I just want to go back." Angg says as he looks out of his room, the world where he and Aille used to play is gone and out of suddenly heard a squeak. "Hey there!." He looks into the direction of the voice and there is a beautiful white rabbit, just like him. "Are you my new friend?" the white rabbit asks, and he is confused. "I don't know where I am, I just want to go back to Aille."Angg replies. "Who is Aille?" she asked and approached him. He realized now that the room is much bigger, and there is plenty of space. "This titan who took care of me." Aang white rabbit bumps her nose to Aang, "I don't know who Aille is, but I think you'll like it here! We have a titan who takes care of us too! Her name is Bella." Aang hangs his head low."Wait, us?" he asks in confusion. And with that, the white rabbit tapped her two feet and two more rabbits came out! One of them has black and white spots and another one is completely brown."Come on, guys, let's introduce ourselves." The three rabbits prop and line themselves up. The first one to speak is the one with black and white spots. "I'm Marby, nice to meet you!" Aang bows and the brown rabbit comes up to him next. "Um, I'm Yume!" the brown rabbit says and finally, the white rabbit comes up to him. "I'm Shiro. These are all names that were given to us by Bella. What about yours?" she asks.

"Aang." he answers. And the three of them introduced him to the new room, they played a lot and even ate a lot of hay. Aang had a good time, but he still misses Aille. One day, the door opened and another titan came in. "I'm glad you are already part of the family." The titan says and she gives him a little peck to the head, just like Aille did. And he felt the warmth he missed all along.

I miss you, Aille. But change isn't so bad, after all. Thank you for taking care of me.