Once far away, in a land full of witches and wizards, dragons and talking rocks. There was a boy

The boy's name was Samuel. Samuel was the next in line for ruling. He was the son of the head Witch, ever since the age of dark magic neither the witches nor wizards had tried to reconcile

But who could ever know that the young Witch had no intentions of ruling. And instead would much rather play in the woods, the same woods that divided the wizards and witches. It keeps peace throughout the lands. But with the foggy and mysterious appearance it also spread fear.

But to Samuel it was fun. That is where the rocks sang and the trees danced. He used his powers here, to help the plants, animals, or rocks when they were in trouble.

But his father never knew. He never told a soul,

Other than Murphy of course. Although Murphy was a dragon, a common outside pet. With the two they appeared to be equals Samuel and Murphy were great friends. Even if the spoke differently

Murphy came to. Originally when they had first adopted each other, and Samuel had snuck out to his adventures Murphy was not in tune with the forest. He could not hear the rocks melody or watch the tree dance. But like a radio, you will not find the right sounds until you share frequencies.

Murphy eventually though learned to hear the rocks and dance with trees. And so once again, like they did every night, they set out to the edge of the forest.

The edge of the forest where rocks sing and trees dance.

But tonight they saw, something was different. It was a full moon. And as you know, it is harder to hear rocks and watch trees with all that light.

So after a deep list of pros and cons, the two decide they must still sing with rocks and dance with trees.

So Samuel gets on Murphy's back, of course witches are never to ride on dragon backs, due to this being so popular to wizards. But they had been practicing, in secret of course.

And they can't waste precious time on traveling!

As Murphy begins to take a few paces back he sighs a meager noise. That would not be expected from such a large creature. But alas he is scared. He would hate to drop him

He is not used to this but of course he still loved to dance with trees and sing in a melody of the rocks.

Murphy took two more backward paces. There was always a chance he could miss take off and crash. That would be in addition to being painful to both. Most definitely wake some of the neighborhood. A future head witch flying his dragon and going to the forest?!

the effects would be disastrous.