Chapter 6: A New Start, part 1

Ten minutes had passed since the silver-haired, dog-masked man had left. Hadrian was growing bored and annoyed. He didn't have much to do.

He had tried to open the door after the masked man left, hoping it to have been left unlocked, but alas, the man was careful, and the door was well locked. He trotted over to the window again and looked out. He didn't really pay attention to the outside last time… he should at least know where he is.

His eyes widened when he saw it, it was a giant city… or at least it seemed to be, he wasn't sure, but the buildings were completely original, the colors and their forms… he never saw something like this before. People were talking to each other, smiling and chuckling; children ran through the streets while laughing happily making him feel a pang of jealousy, he blushed then scolded himself for being jealous of the happiness of another person, he should be happy for them, shouldn't he?

Hadrian shook his head and continued looking around. There were statues of several people carved into a cliff face at the edge of the city. He wonders who those people are, it reminds him of Mt Rushmore, except full body carvings instead of just the faces.

"Ah!" he exclaimed when he looked at the roofs of the city. Some people were jumping from roof to roof, and he looked at them in awe, his tail shifting in interest.

He heard the door start to unlock, so he dropped back down from the window and cast an illusion of the wall around himself. Instead of the silver-haired man, an old man entered, with greying hair and a face full of wrinkles that told of the many decades he'd seen. He looked around the room; if he was surprised at Hadrian's apparent absence, he didn't show it.

He closed the door behind him, and walked right up to where Hadrian was hiding, and crouched down. He then swiped his hand through the illusion, dispelling it. He saw the large green eyes staring back at him and smiled. In a feeling that was starting to become eerily familiar, he could tell that this old man was much stronger than him.

The man stood and sat down on the bed.

"Konichiwa." the man said in a calm voice.

Hadrian blinked when the man just sat there, then furrowed his eyebrows when he heard that word, it means… hello, right?

"Konichiwa." He mimicked.

When the man just looked at him, Hadrian strolled toward him until he stood in front of the elder. For a second he thought of Vermilion but then he kicked that thought away, they weren't the same; he could feel this man was dangerous and maybe cunning, but it didn't seem to be the same as Vermilion.

For the moment this man didn't think Hadrian to be a danger for him, so he will not hurt Hadrian.

The old man took the pipe to his mouth when he saw the shoulders of the toddler relaxing, standing in a calm position, he holds his hand up and Hadrian half-flinched, he looked suspiciously at the hand, which started moving to his head making Hadrian growl at him, the hand stopped mid-air.

"I will not hurt you." he said in a soothing voice. Hadrian blinked at him.

"I can't understand you." he answered, licking his lip.

The old man frowned slightly then took his hand back.

"Can you understand what I'm saying?" His tone seemed questioning, but again, Hadrian hadn't learned the whole language. His ear twitched and he took a step back. He let himself fall to the floor in a sitting position and pointed at the man.

"Your name?"

The old man wasn't stupid, and even though he didn't know those words, he understood the meaning behind them.

"Hirakase Shiranui."

Hadrian nodded thoughtfully. He knew that in Japanese the surname is put first, so it should be so here too.

"Privin Hadrian." He said, pointing to himself.

"Pivin Hadin." The man tried to repeat.

Hadrian's eyebrow twitched at the attempt.

"P-R-I-V-I-N H-A-D-R-I-A-N." He repeated, spelling out each name.

He pouted slightly in annoyance as the man called him Pivin Hadin again. The man chuckled, then his tone went from cheerful to business-like.

"I'm sorry, Hadin-kun but I can't say your name." he patted Hadrian's shoulder, and when he flinched slightly, he took it as a point for him "The question is from where do you come? I never heard that language before."

There have been places in the past that talked different languages, but they all adopted the common language a long time ago, which is why Shiranui was confused.

Hadrian felt dizzy at all those words, he can just understand I'm sorry and Name, the last not being difficult at all. He stomped his feet on the floor and pouted up at Shiranui, who sighed while shaking his head, got up and walked out the room, leaving Hadrian behind, who suddenly felt abandoned and alone. Did he do something bad?

And he was just starting to like the old man.

Shiranui walked into the room with a complicated look on his face. The SOps which had been speaking among themselves about the Kitsune, stopped and turned towards him.

"Shogun-sama." Hound called, bowing.

Shiranui looked up at Hound with a raised eyebrow then turned to look at the Yamanaka in the room, who had been observing their interaction through the transparent wall, in the room it seems normal, but from the outside they all can see what is happening within.

"What do you think?" the Shogun asked, taking a seat at the head of the table.

The Yamanaka nodded his head in thought then started.

"The kid insn't dangerous, he's just scared and confused at being somewhere unknown. His reactions are rather animalistic, but considering where he used to live that's acceptable." He paused. "If we hadn't looked through his surface thoughts as he slept, we wouldn't have known he was abused… he handles it rather well. A Medic just came with the report while you were in there."

He handed the papers to the Shogun, who began reading through them with furrowed brows.

"Hm… we're definitely dealing with an oddity." He said below his breath. "This information is not to leave this room. I'm making it an S-class secret, understood?"

"Yes, Shogun-Sama." Came a chorus from the Special Ops and Yamanaka.

"Good. Then you may continue."

"Very well." The Yamanaka continued. "The child is a hermaphrodite, being both Male and Female in body. In mind, he strongly considers himself male."

"Perhaps it has something to do with his Bloodline?" One of the female SOps suggested.

"It's a possibility. The truth is, we've never even heard of a Bloodline as deep as this."

"We could ask him."

"He doesn't speak our language. Plus, he could simply not understand, being so young." Another SOp said.

Suddenly, Shiranui had an idea.

"I have an idea." He announced.

He got up and pulled a book from the bookshelf, then entered the room again. Everyone present watched as the Kitsune stopped licking his tail to acknowledge Shiranui, standing and smiling wide. It would appear that the boy had warmed up to their leader. He turned to a page in the book he brought and showed it to the boy. His expression quickly turned to embarrassment, then to horror, then back to embarrassment as red as a tomato and curled up beneath the bed.

One of the female members of the Special Ops had enough of this and stormed in there to comfort the boy.