Ren Kato

My first name can mean love. Yes, but your name probably doesn't even so how do do you feel? Idiots. Ohhh so figured you figured out it can also mean lotus flower. Good for you. Not like I know what google is or anything.

And if you dare think my name I am delicate or something you are deeply mistaken. I could snap a grown man's neck like a tooth pick. But you didn't think about that. Now did yah? That's what I thought.


Do I have your attention?

I am writing this from Hashima Island my home town. I know what I said. An abounded Island. Where I lived after being brainwashed and brought here because the 'mighty' All father was scared. And no my parents are not Japanese, there norse. Norse light elves. We just live in Japan. We had no culture. Our culture was from vikings, so sorry if my manners aren't up to date. But honestly even if I knew how to treat you like you were prefect. Would I? No.

Because your not prefect so stop deciding yourselves.

My parents didn't stick to any traditions. Our traditions was training.

A type of training you Milgarians could not bear.

If it makes you feel any better neither could most Asgaudians.

And when I say elves these aren't the ones you read about from your night before Christmas story books. Elves are powerful beings.

And the two of us are powerful beings as well. Best known to you as Gods.

I learned to fight to stay alive, lie so I could rest, and use magic to make it to tomorrow.

I am in no way your average mortal.