Her small body shuddered as another fierce contraction ripped through her, prompting her to dig her silver claws into the cool, damp earth of their burrow. Her mate's small, thin tongue rasped over her head and ears comfortingly as her soft, gentle paw carefully felt along her side.

The laboring bunnies dark green eyes glistened with unshed tears at her mate's soft, reassuring words. Warmth, anticipation and a fierce overpowering of love surged through her, overriding and dulling any pain or fear, as rain fell rhythmically and swiftly above them, its damp pitter patter seeming to sync with her contractions and steady, calm breathing.

Finally, after four long anticipation-filled weeks, she'd get to meet her babies.

After what seemed like an eternity and at same time a brief heartbeat, the pale and dark brown bunny had two small, adorable, fluffy babies suckling contently at the curve of her belly. Their little noises added to blissful happiness of the burrow.

"Oh, sweetie," The black, gray-pawed bunny she was lucky enough to call her mate cooed softly, dark blue eyes shining with warmth and love.

"You did amazing," She praised, licking her mate's cheek.

"What do you want to name them?"

Dark green eyes gazed at their children, both girls. One was black with gray splotches, a white underbelly and white paws and the other was pale brown with dark brown paws and gray splotches.

"How about Thunder," She nuzzled the black, gray and white one, "and Lightning?" She licked the brown and gray one.

"Prefect, baby!" Her mate said.

After licking each other lovingly, the new family curled up snuggly as the rainstorm continued outside.