Man, what a wild fucking ride it's been.

I keep my expectations low for a reason, but this is beyond even me. It's like we've been caught in the Bermuda Triangle during a hurricane and it's raining sharks and lobsters, while lighting has stuck the boat several times. Oh yeah, and the captain is denying everything that's going on. We're all dying, begging the captain to fucking DO something, and he instead ignores us and locks himself in his bunk- cabin.

And THEN, other boats around us are telling the captain to fucking do something, protect his crew, at least attempt to get out of the Triangle, and he tells them that he's doing a great job, don't worry about us, even though we can all see the sharks and lobsters and the drowning and the screams and the blood and the death like COME ON YOU ABSOLUTE BUFFOON!

Oh right, I forgot to mention that we're trying to get a new captain, and our options are the sex offender, the racist sex offender (current captain), and motherfucking Kanye West. There are some people who like the current captain and are Nazis. Literal Nazis, I'm not kidding you. Others are so determined to get the current captain out that they'll settle for the minimum: a sex offender who isn't racist! So much better, right? Then there are people who don't give a shit and vote for the celebrity as a joke who, surprise!, is in cahoots with the current captain. Some think that their vote doesn't matter and won't do anything, and then there are people like me, who see everything that's going on and realize that we're all going to die.


That's just the United States though. I might illegally sneak into Canada, but chances are that'll fail. So…I have no money, an incomplete education, and trauma. This year is traumatic; we're all going through trauma. I, for one, am not going to face it and instead pretend that I'm fine. That's what I do with my other mental illness. That's what I'm doing with this. Plaster a smile on my face and dream about my goals in life because we're all going to die before I ever get to college and become a zoologist. Or I'll be too far into debt and get stuck in a job I hate. If I had weed or alcohol, that is what I would be doing right now instead of writing this panicked and angry document.

Can another country just invade us already? Defund the military and police, pay off the national debt, put efforts into reforming education and getting rid of college debt, and for the love of Pete abolish I.C.E. and pay reparations to the Native Americans. And stop the racism, and Nazis. And gun control. And invest in sustainable systems.

Holy shit, we're doomed.