Hgnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I hate this country.

Never really planned on adding to this, actually thought I had it all out of my system but nooooo, this bitch just HAD to test my patience.

Biden sucks. He's an ass. Harris is also an ass. Hate them both, but I'm at least glad Trump lost. Oh, sorry, he DIDN'T lose; the election was rigged, we have to do a recount, REMEMBER AL GORE!:(

Fuckin' Trumpets, I swear.

At this point I'm just waiting for this year to be over, but something tells me that 2021 is still gonna be AWFUL. Because of that dusty Dorito, COVID is reaching its apex. Quarantine, shutdowns, mask mandates, all of that is gonna happen again but times two. More people are gonna be bitching about it, not following along because they "aren't sheep" a.k.a. Don't value the lives of other people. More protests because human rights are still up for debate.

I've seen so much shit this year, it's fucking wild. You know what I haven't seen though, even after everything?


I ain't never seen two pretty best friends. Always one of 'em gotta be ugly.

Crazy, right?