Welcome to the world of Alabaster

a giant continent, where all manner of creature live together in relative peace. there are 3 major kingdoms

The Calabal Empire to the East with its thick jungles and beautiful rivers!

The cornell republic to the south with the beautiful beach's, vast ocean and expansive flat lands!

and The syncalli Empire to the west and its grand cities and ever expanding industry! But Each nation has been

increasing their own military's under the pretence of peace. unfortunately that peace wont last, and as history has

shown corruption is the downfall of all life.

We join the story with the Calabal Empire's princess running for her life from a coup d'tat that left her the

sole survivor and the Heir to the Calabal throne!

Leveling System

(Exp is gained through living and experiencing life, from the every day action like drinking water

or even breathing to the defeat of a foe! However depending on the amount of work one puts into whatever it is their doing

they should eventually become a master of it)

EXP Gain:

Note: those with the Grey proficiency gain 2x EXP

Levels 1-50 = 10 points to each stat per 10 levels (10+10x5) x2 points a level

Levels 50-100 = 5 points to each stat per 10 levels (5+10x5) x1 point a level

Levels 100-150 = 1 point to each stat per 10 levels (1+10x5) 1/2 point a level

levels 150-200 = 1/2 point to each stat per 10 levels (1/2+10x5) Courter point a level













Omens (Demons)

Reg-classes / Sub-classes

Warrior / Berserker

Spellcaster / Paladin

Bard / Rouge

Summoner / Necromancer

thief / Mechanist

Guardian / Duelist

Shade / Warlock

Alchemist / pugilist

monk / Assassin


(Rare)Omni {This is only used by the main character}

(Note: Omni, is a class that allows one to access all classes at will)

(Rare)Omen {This is only used by main villains}

(Note: Omen is class all on its on able to access all classes With a need to kill

anytime they draw their weapon)

Cross Classes

(can only cross class from Sub Classes after

you have achieved sufficient strength)

(All Reg-classes cannot use Cross class

unless you have acquired sub class first)

(4 Exceptions)

*Because people with high enough starting stats can use them*

Warrior/Spellcaster = Spellsword

Spellcaster/Summoner = Spirit Summoner

Thief/Shade = Ninja

Warrior/Monk = Ronin

Skill Proficiencies

1. Melee

(sword, greatsword, polearm, dagger, axe, mace, gauntlets, etc.)

2. Ranged

(bow, Crossbow, javelin, throwing, etc.)

3. special Abilities

Magic Proficiencies

1. Fire proficiency

2. Ice proficiency

3. Wind proficiency

4. Earth proficiency

5. Water proficiency

6. Light proficiency

7. Dark proficiency

8. Physical proficiency

9. Time proficiency (Extremely Rare)

{Note: there is only 1 Known user of Time Proficiency}

10. Grey proficiency (Extremely Rare)

{Note: Grey is only used by the main protagonist and antagonist}


Hero (Acquired by saving anyone without thought of reward or self preservation,Example: not thinking just rushing in to help!)

(All Classes, but restricted to those who are selfless but can also turn into a Villain if not properly used)

Champions (those that hold the highest of achievements, and/or are exceptional Gifted or talented)

(All Classes, but especially those who hold the class's, Omni, and Omen)

Monarch (Those of the highest birth, or people that have earned their way)

(King, Queen, Prince, Princess)

Nobles (people of high and low birth with ties to the country's courts)

(High-Born, Low-Born)

soldier (General, Commander, Captain, lieutenant, Sergeant, infantry, Footman)

(warrior, Guardian, Monk, Berserker, Paladin, pugilist, duelist)

Shadow (the ones that lurk in the shadows)

(Thief, ninja, Assassin)

scholar (People who seek knowledge above all else)

(Spellcaster, Warlock, Alchemist, Shade, Machinist, Necromancer)

Healer (People who naturally are caring and have the abilities to heal others)

(Priest, summoner)

Worker (mostly commoners, but some nobles)

(Peddler, Merchants, Hunter, Cook, ETC.)

Vagabond (Travelers, mostly warrior's but a few scholar's with no country or city they call home)


Nomads (people who live outside of the general populace and away from the major towns and cities)

(Monk, Bard)

Main Character ID

(Before Transport)

Name: Jack Von Draven

Age: 20

profession: Student, Worker, Otaku,

Hair = Fiery Orange slick back

w/ same color Short beard

Eyes = Grey

HGT = 6'04"

WGT = 245 lb

SEX = Male

Main Character ID

(After transport)

Name: Jack Von Draven

Age: 20

Level: 1

Class: Omni

profession: Vagabond, Otaku

Hair = Fiery Orange slick back

w/ same color Short beard

Eyes = Grey

HGT = 6'04"

WGT = 245 lb

SEX = Male

Stats: HP=120 STR=30 STA=20 DEF=10 MP=200

Skills: Melee proficiency, Ranged proficiency, Grey proficiency,

Fire proficiency, Wind proficiency, Earth proficiency,

Dark proficiency, Physical proficiency,