In a time far beyond the memories settled in the minds a midst most humans whom may stand to remain today, a conversation took place and a plan forged; a plan that would shape our world forever without most ever even knowing. The conversation took place at dawn the clouds consolidated in moist unison just ready to pour down upon the crops of desperate farm folk after a short dry summer.

If one were to attempt to describe the setting in which this colossal verdict had been cast in motion, one could never do another a justice; only fating them for misconceptions. In a realm much unlike yours or mine, a clinquant table set for six lies. For who could paint pictures in holy pastels upon a brain swamped with the daily trials and tribulations - a place free of pain and wrath, and built of such beauty, that has never yet been seen by a live man's eye.

A man, draped in a long robe stood just to the side of a wide pillar, riddled with ample colors not yet gifted names in the realms among Eden, or gifted to the seeing. (For it would bear overwhelming) One settled amongst its sisters, green ivy wriggled higher with little lilies stemming out upon the pin pricks of flora. He admired the growth with wide child like eyes, that held such wonder and yet there reflected as if looking into a still stream was the pain of an injured individual; whose own child spits hatred in the face of his father.

Our divine creator awaited the council of which he had called together on this the day of vast controversy and immense importance. He had summoned his six most decorated angels, those whose loyalty never skewed, their devotion as boundless as the seas of heaven, reflected below in the oceans of earth. They arrived.

One by one, wings spread out amongst them, halos flashing in hallowed light, robes billowing in a wind that did not exist in heaven's domain. The first to descend was Ariel. He was often perceived of ill intellect, as most of his mind was set with the will to protect and covet. His strong jaw line and unmarred face unshaven was turned up in unchecked concern as to summons. God knew there was worry a flame his realm he smiled at how easily it showed through on Ariel.

The next to drop beside Ariel was the archangel Grath he touched down upon the long winding landscape, where the meeting had been called to take place. Tomeras followed only steps behind Grath, and they grasped one another shoulders softly upon noticing the presence of the other, a simple way of granting strength in times of chaos. A smaller figure loomed just behind them, her speckled white and tan wings sticking out amongst the long winged angels in her company. This was Faunis the angel who had assisted God first hand in creating all of the animals of the earth that had walked, swam, and flown from the beginning of time.

A darker figure descended in a sharp swoop her dark gray wings beating down with a thump. This was one angel whom God put every once of trust within but knew the other angels understood the force to be reckoned with in an archangel of time. Deraval made her way to the center, her cloak draping the ground as she joined the group at the table. Last to join was Sorath, the angel of judgment and one of God's greatest allies, and often chosen in times of advisement. Even as God is all knowing and all-powerful he believed in fault in himself and truly in the Council of minds.

As all the seats became occupied by the angels God took his seat between Tomeras and Sorath. He motioned with both immense hands capable of such creation, and endless destruction for each to drink the water set before them. The water had been collected earlier from the stream of wisdom, among the valleys of Argenan beyond the mountains of Serma. As the drought had been sipped, settling past the lips and into the core of all those in attendance, the chalices gently touched the table. God slowly opened his mouth to speak. He welcomed each angel by name, as names of angelic beings don't well translate to languages spoken of earth, these are the names chosen to be bequeathed unto us mortals.

"Welcome, I bless your travels have been of those without effort, and I thank you for swift arrival. I will waste no time even though I boast Deraval could pacify us." The small joke created a slight chuckle about the gathering.

"Long has it been since the descent of Lucifer into hell and the passing of the dark ages. Casting him away will always be one of the hardest choices I have had to make." God felt the unsettlement at his words, and of the mention of the devil himself, it thrummed through the legs of the chairs into the stone of the ground, up into his feet, to his heart where he felt the pain of millions and the joy of unmarked numbers.

"With his following his power grows stronger each day, he sends more shape shifters, sin mongers, and demons to the surface of mortal ground. When I created free will, I wished for my children to lean towards the light. To wish and will to be good, reach heavens gates and taste the life only tangible through morality and love of life and its brethren. This is not the earth I had intended. The playing field must become even, there is too much temptation overrunning the world we all in devotion too. We must come together in these very moments and forge a way to protect our mortals starve off these demons he sends with intent to sway them to evil and do battle in his name. If we do not, I fear the world is lost to us. I do not wish to destroy what I have built, but I will not let the devil bleed it dry of all things beautiful and whole."

The angels looked upon the sad face of their creator. They deliberated their thoughts before sharing. There was much talk of war, to take Hell as a whole but God refused, for those who have sinned would never reach heaven and needed an abode after life lived. He despised the knowledge, but the Devil now had a purpose. All he had ever wanted. He would not welcome the evil he had created into the gates of heaven. The deliberation went on for days. Which to humans would require sleep and nourishment, but felt like mere hours to the immortals.

Closing in on the fourth day a meek voice floated through the air and onto the ears of God. "The animals."

All heads turned to Faunis. She stared back, but only into the eyes of God. Weeding through the nervousness he felt in Faunis's mind, he heard she had thought long and hard in her silence. There was a plan forming inside the small body, he knew was internally shining in victory of moral at its brightest.

"Faunis walk with me." Her head nodded, simply dropping once than returned, and gazing into the eyes that understood the importance of what was about to unfold. The two rose from the table and began to walk upon the horizon of heaven in long strides.

God spoke his question. "What of the animals Faunis?"

"The animals have always been good, at their creation and now. There is no malice within them," her small voice drifted like dandelion fluff.

"Instinct, but no, no malice to be found within the make up of the kingdom of beasts." He looked upon the small angel and deliberated.

"Together we could use the animals to protect. Give them a purpose, starve off the demons and keep the humans pure and away from whispers of sin." They sat upon a long beach gazing at the endless walk ahead of them.

"Instinct will lead to imminent failure. Animals, it is inbred in them. Hunt, hide, trap, and run in fear. What of instinct?"

"I pray thee. Use the animals; merge them with the core piece of the mind that is deliberation of which you gave humans. Create our protectors, the protectors of mortality. They will be our heroes," she begged, she knew somewhere in her soul this was meant to happen today, on the fourth day of deliberation.

"A new being?"

"Yes, carried in the belly of mortal woman."

"What of the soul? Mortality, instinct may destroy it." God could already feel his creative dynamism unfolding within his palms.

"Have a mortal case the soul. Make the new beings immortal."

"A companion to hold the soul, keeping the half beasts sane and still I can entrust them with untold power," God said understanding now.

The two stood at the edge of the beach, where the water touched the crystal sand.

"Then let it be..."

The 4th night of the day of deliberation, the angel Faunis and almighty God worked together in creation of the protectors of mortal world, forging the Five Clans of the Hollowed Beasts, human children birthed in the bellies of woman newly pregnant. Born with untold power and purpose to be utilized as warriors against evil, gifted with free will and iron moral. They took to the earth, and the cries of these blessed babies were heard in households across the world.