Vitima made herself scarce for the remainder of that day. She had given Caleb a plate of roasted venison and potatoes and this time some onions and a small salad tomatoes and cucumbers. Caleb knew if he was going to run away he'd have to keep his strength up. This woman was obviously crazy and he had to get away as soon as he could manage to stand on his own which he had tried a few times but was only able to hobble across the room before the pain became too much. He had found all of his money and his Rolex atop the mantle of the fireplace but not his wallet. He figured she had left it behind to stage his death.

He napped often between the endless thoughts weaving round his mind. He had another strange dream of running after a small deer but right before the catch he awoke sweating and scared of the primal instincts he had felt during the chase. He knew though that he would have caught it, he had no doubt. When he heard the wood against the door heave he folded his arms and prepared himself for anything that was to come out of the sure to be exchange. He hated to admit it but he was hungry and he hoped she had brought food.

She walked in with two pails under each arm she was soaking wet her jet black hair plastered all over the side of her face she was still so, so beautiful. She placed both pails down by the dying fire and shed her black torn hoodie hanging it over a crate by the fire to dry. She wore a black too loose tank top that hung around her thin form.

"How are you feeling?" She asked before casually walking over to the medicine box getting a couple of aspirin for him, which he took easily. She really did know what she was doing medically.

"Not too bad…" He didn't have any idea how to act around his captor.

"Hungry?" She asked.

"I guess."

"I still have to make dinner it's pouring out. I couldn't make an open fire we'll have to make due." She dragged a crate over beside the fireplace set herself down on her knees in front of the fire and took what looked what to be a small soup pot and four long skinny metal poles and placed them down; than came out a wood cutting board and a long knife.

"I was hoping we could share a meal together tonight," she spoke softly in her husky voice and it stirred something in him a sort of mutual fear and comfort.

Caleb thought about his response but she was trying to be nice so he figured he'd return with similar demeanor. "What are you making?"

"I'm making one of my mother's recipes." She pulled out two older looking cans of tomatoes placing them beside the crate. "I'm missing a few of the ingredients but it should be okay. It's supposed to be rabbit cacciatore." Out of the pail came a bunch of mushrooms, carrots, an onion, celery, some fresh garlic cloves, fresh basil and oregano, a salt and peppershaker.

"Is it like a stew?" Caleb asked more interested than expected.

"Some what." She went to work chopping the onion and garlic kneeled before them.

"Where did you learn to cook like this?" he asked watching the swift work of her hands.

"Lots of places, my mother mostly at first, but the outdoor style of cooking mostly came out of necessity." She placed the onions and garlic in the pot. Than came the chopping of the mushrooms and carrots, which looked to have already been cleaned. "Do you cook?"

"No, never," He answered easily.

"Your mom?"

"No, we eat out mostly." He watched her as she went into the pale once more. Out came what looked like a very old bottle of wine. Which she carefully cracked against the fireplace catching the glass shards easily without cutting herself. She poured a good amount in the bottom of the pot, than salt and pepper were ground and added. She reached down a grabbed one thin metal rod and Caleb couldn't and wouldn't believe it if he hadn't seen it himself. She easily as if playing with a paper clip bent it into an L shape.

"How-How did you do that?" Caleb stuttered. She looked at him her jungle green eyes full of answers but didn't reply instead continued preparing her handmade metal contraption to hold the soup pot over he fire. She had logs and stoked the fire till it roared.

She opened the cans of tomato purée and poured them into the pot. She stripped the herbs and set them to the side with the mushrooms and carrots on the pail she had flipped and was now using as a prep station. She reached for the second pail and pulled out chunks of meat that had already been deboned. She salted them chopped them into smaller pieces than added the meat to the pot. The herbs, mushrooms, carrots, and celery went in and she gave it a few quick stirs with a long wood spoon.

"That should do it." She packed everything away and got up dusting herself off than brought the stuff to the door putting it down to the side. Caleb stomach rumbled, his stomach agreed that the room was starting to smell quite splendid, the aromas of fresh home cooking reaching his nose. The room was delightfully warm and the fire played around making shadows in the lightly lit room.

She pulled the large armchair easily towards the fire but facing Caleb. The book flopped over from the arm into the cushion of the seat. She reached down and opened it presumably the find the page she was on.

"What are you reading?" Caleb asked in spite of himself.

"Night. I've happened to have read it before." She shrugged.

"Who's it by?" Caleb asked feeling that book had been assigned in grade school.

"Ellie Wiesel."

"Right, the holocaust survivor." Caleb recalled the book, a dark recounting of true tales of World War II.

"Exactly." Her eyes kept down on the book dog-earing the page before placing it down but something about her posture had changed, she almost seemed a bit smaller shrinking in on herself slightly. Than Caleb remembered this girl's world of delusion where in her mind she must have been around during the holocaust. He decided to test his theory.

"So what was it like?"

"What was what like?" She asked seating herself in the armchair the flames dancing across the entrancing features of her face.

"World War II?" Caleb felt hesitance fill him as the words left his mouth. He watched Vitima tense, than a look flash of raw anger overtake her eyes. She closed them than opened them they were wide and blank again.

"Don't ask back handed questions." She said simply.

Caleb sometimes didn't know when to back off and just shut his mouth. "No, I mean I'm not. It's just you said yourself you were born in 1600's so you would have been around for it after all…" Caleb didn't realize how the scathing bits of sarcasm were coming through loud and clear to Vitima.

A low growl built at the very back of Vitima's throat. "It's not something I often talk about."

"Well maybe it's something you should explore after all it was a very important part of history." Caleb felt sardonic but the uncomfortable situation he was in drove him on.

"Do not mock me…" Vitima's teeth came together with a small thwack no one heard but herself. She was beginning to lose her patience with this pompous privileged attitude coming off Caleb.

Caleb felt a little pinprick of fear run into his heart but he continued. He had to prove her lies and delusion. "Well if you really were there than why can't you just tell me a bit of what it was like?"

Suddenly she was above him in a flash of motion to quick for his eyes to catch. "Do not ever believe to be of such intellect that you could ever understand the world as a whole. There are many things you just don't know nor grasp." She hissed out. "The horror's of the Holocaust and trying to protect the innocent from the darkness and the mind's of the deranged and failing to save many, will always be one of the many great regrets of my long life. So do not call my time within that war figmented or fraudulent. I was there I watched many die at the hands of demons cloaked in Nazi uniforms."

"I'm sorry." The words stumbled out of his mouth. He wasn't sure why he was apologizing but the pain and rage in her eyes seemed to warrant it.

She withdrew. She was ashamed that she had lost her temper. She had worked to have more control and to lose it on her keeper so early on showed all her work to be of sound mind would continue. She went to the fire and stirred the pot once more. She stood from where she had been kneeling and strode easily out of the room and through the door. Caleb knew it was unwise, but he was beginning to believe slightly in the ever-allusive delusions of his captor.